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Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset

I believe there is a lot of power in our words. If we say something enough times – even if we don’t believe it to begin with – it eventually becomes our truth. Anthony Robbins highlights the power of words in an article – Transform your vocabulary, transform your life: Transformational Vocabulary is about how you canContinue reading “Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset”

Apps: Brainventures

Remember Kizoom? Just in case you missed them, they were the team that brought us Brain Jump and Ned the Neuron. We really enjoyed their previous apps so we were excited to hear that they recently launched a new app – Brainventures! We have heard over and over again about the importance of developing growth mindsets and how weContinue reading “Apps: Brainventures”

Personal Lessons on the Growth Mindset

After a difficult sports experience at the start of the year, I was really pleased to see G1 doing so much better at his school swimming gala. His overall attitude and approach to the event were leaps and bounds ahead. He participated and I could see he was really trying his hardest. For that, I am grateful.Continue reading “Personal Lessons on the Growth Mindset”

Why Precocious Kids are in Trouble

pre·co·cious adjective 1. (of a child) having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual. Aristotle is a precocious child and he knows it. It bothers me because of the way he behaves knowing this. I worry about what may happen to him in future if this behaviour remains unchecked – not thatContinue reading “Why Precocious Kids are in Trouble”

Apps: Brain Jump and Ned the Neuron

Carol Dweck’s famous research on growth mindsets has revolutionised the way we praise children. By teaching children about growth mindsets, they learn the powerful idea that taking on challenges can grow and strengthen their brains, and that they have the power to make their brains stronger every day. Here are two apps that help children do just that… BrainContinue reading “Apps: Brain Jump and Ned the Neuron”

The Brainology Program by Mindset Works

I finally bit the bullet and signed Aristotle up for the Brainology Program by Mindset Works a couple of weeks back. As you may recall, I have been concerned about Aristotle for some time… Since we signed up, he has been working steadily through the course. What is Brainology? Brainology® is developed by one of theContinue reading “The Brainology Program by Mindset Works”

Books for Parents: Mindset by Carol Dweck

The far reaching impact of her work came before me before I even knew her name. Carol Dweck has made a profound difference to my life ever since I discovered and understood her research on “the right kind of praise“. If there ever was a person who could draw back the curtains and shine theContinue reading “Books for Parents: Mindset by Carol Dweck”

Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids

I have been a little concerned about Aristotle’s mindset and attitude lately and have been looking for ways to help him overcome his “mental limitations”. When I stumbled upon “Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids” in the library, I borrowed it hoping that it might teach him a thing or two about embracing the changesContinue reading “Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids”

How Do We Raise Resilient, Persistent Kids?

Probably the most fundamental qualities a child can have in order to have the requisite “survival skills” to make it in the world no matter what the odds, obstacles or set-backs is resilience and persistence – resilience to withstand whatever life throws at your child and persistence to keep on going in the face ofContinue reading “How Do We Raise Resilient, Persistent Kids?”

How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset

It is an age-old debate – nature versus nurture; talent versus practice; and of course, the ultimate question: are geniuses born or made? And if it is made, how do we nurture the genius mindset? An article I read offered two arguments from two experts each arguing for the opposite side of the coin. TheContinue reading “How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset”