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TweedleWink Homeschool Lesson Plans from Right Brain Kids

In an earlier newsletter, we wrote about TweedleWink, a blended “Right Brain Education” program created by Right Brain Kids that incorporates the teachings practices of Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Maria Montessori, Reggio, and HeartMath. If you are following this program at home, you will be able to add on to your activities with these additional resources compiled by Right BrainContinue reading “TweedleWink Homeschool Lesson Plans from Right Brain Kids”

Math Apps: Splash Math Classroom Edition – Free Trial!

Do you remember Splash Math by Study Pad? Just in case you missed it, check out our review of Splash Math. If you’ve seen it and you love it, you’ll be delighted to know that Splash Math is now available in a special Classroom Edition for teachers! Splash Math for Teachers! To celebrate the launchContinue reading “Math Apps: Splash Math Classroom Edition – Free Trial!” Launches “Brainzy” Educational Games

Successful kids have a strong foundation in the 3Rs. As part of our month’s focus on the 3R’s, we will be featuring reading (don’t miss our Little Reader Coupon giveaway!), writing and math programs for kids. This one’s dedicated to early literacy… has launched a new program – Brainzy! Brainzy is an online, game-basedContinue reading “ Launches “Brainzy” Educational Games”

What is the International Baccalaureate Program?

If you are researching schools for your child, you may have come across the term IB or International Baccalaureate and wondered about this curriculum. The following is an article adapted from Education Destination Malaysia that explains the IB programs (read the full article). What are the IB Programs? The IB programs were created to offerContinue reading “What is the International Baccalaureate Program?”

The Brainology Program by Mindset Works

I finally bit the bullet and signed Aristotle up for the Brainology Program by Mindset Works a couple of weeks back. As you may recall, I have been concerned about Aristotle for some time… Since we signed up, he has been working steadily through the course. What is Brainology? Brainology® is developed by one of theContinue reading “The Brainology Program by Mindset Works”

BrillKids’ Little Reader Version 3 – Better than Ever!

If you’ve been wondering about the dearth of new Little Reader flash cards being released, it’s because we’ve been busy beta testing the newest and latest version of BrillKid’s Little Reader – Version 3. If you already have Little Reader, you can go upgrade your copy now (all BrillKids’ license holders get free upgrades to theContinue reading “BrillKids’ Little Reader Version 3 – Better than Ever!”

Brain Training: Boost memory, maximize mental agility, & awaken your inner genius

ISBN13: 9780756657307 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! For people of all ages who want to improve their memory, hone learning skills, and boost mental performance in their daily lives, Brain Training is a vibrant collection of visual puzzlesContinue reading “Brain Training: Boost memory, maximize mental agility, & awaken your inner genius”

Math: BrillKids Little Math

Ideal for babies and young children, Little Math is a revolutionary learning system by BrillKids for teaching Math. Little Math makes it easy for you to teach your children Math that is both engaging and fun for them. Here are the features of Little Math: Little Math has a comprehensive curriculum spanning over 12 monthsContinue reading “Math: BrillKids Little Math”

BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read

Little Reader is an effective learning system by BrillKids that can help you teach your children to read. About BrillKids Little Reader: Little Reader has a comprehensive curriculum that cover 3000 words in 180 categories with daily lessons over 12 months leading your child from single words to complete stories. It is easy to use.Continue reading “BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read”