Reading Apps: The Berenstain Bears

We have some books on the Berenstain Bears that I bought for Aristotle some time back as part of his character development lessons so I’ve always liked this series. Recently, there was a promo on an app for the┬áBerenstain Bears Book Collection 1┬áso I got it for Hercules. He loved it so much I amContinue reading “Reading Apps: The Berenstain Bears”

Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids

I have been a little concerned about Aristotle’s mindset and attitude lately and have been looking for ways to help him overcome his “mental limitations”. When I stumbled upon “Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids” in the library, I borrowed it hoping that it might teach him a thing or two about embracing the changesContinue reading “Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids”

Character Building: Five Life Lessons for Character Development

Teaching our children values for character building is an important part of parenting. Using stories to teach life’s lessons is often one of the best ways to do this. Character Building with Stories Here are 5 lessons we can teach our children about how to treat people and 5 associated stories we can use toContinue reading “Character Building: Five Life Lessons for Character Development”

The Parable of the Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee

A good lesson to teach our children: There is an old parable about a boy who was so discouraged with failing in school he told his grandfather he wanted to quit. His grandfather filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to a boil. In the first,Continue reading “The Parable of the Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee”

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