Personal Lessons on the Growth Mindset

After a difficult sports experience at the start of the year, I was really pleased to see G1 doing so much better at his school swimming gala. His overall attitude and approach to the event were leaps and bounds ahead. He participated and I could see he was really trying his hardest. For that, I am grateful.Continue reading “Personal Lessons on the Growth Mindset”

Boy Speak – the Lingo of Dads and their Sons

Some time back, G2 had a submersion accident. He was playing in shallow waters and he slipped into a deeper section where his head went under. He swallowed some water before he was pulled to safety by G1. Given his penchant for leaping into water with no consideration for his own safety, we decided that it was time toContinue reading “Boy Speak – the Lingo of Dads and their Sons”

Water Immersion Benefits Brain Function

Water is the essence of life We all know that adequate hydration is vital to our survival. Proper hydration is also necessary for our brains to function optimally because dehydration can affect memory, executive function, attention and other cognitive functions. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and whenContinue reading “Water Immersion Benefits Brain Function”

Resources: Teach Your Baby to Swim

I thought it was about time we updated this one since there are a lot more resources out there now… I have written about teaching babies to swim and you can find those articles here: How to Teach Your Baby to Swim Teach Your Baby to Swim – Part 1 Teach Your Baby to SwimContinue reading “Resources: Teach Your Baby to Swim”

Ogival Water Wings – Swimming Arm Bands for 2 Year Olds

Gareth loves water. He goes nuts every time there is an opportunity to play in water. When we were staying at a hotel, his favourite place was in the bathroom where the bath tub was. During our recent trip down to Singapore, the first thing he did when he got into the room was runContinue reading “Ogival Water Wings – Swimming Arm Bands for 2 Year Olds”

How do you Teach a Baby to Swim – Part 2

These are notes from “How to Teach Your Baby to Swim” by Douglas Doman.  Read Part 1. Where? If you’re starting with a newborn, you can begin your swimming lessons in the bath tub.  The water should be deep enough to cover you up to your chest when sitting.  If you’re starting with an olderContinue reading “How do you Teach a Baby to Swim – Part 2”

How do you Teach a Baby to Swim? Part 1

How to Teach Your Baby to Swim is written by Douglas Doman. I had all the best intentions to teach Gareth to swim from as early as possible.  I even bought him the special neck float.  Up until recently, it was another one of those activities that I really wanted to do with the boysContinue reading “How do you Teach a Baby to Swim? Part 1”

Physical Development – Water Babies

Ideally, the promotion of physical development for babies should begin immediately after birth, or as soon as possible because babies put on a lot of weight very quickly which works against them when trying to develop motor coordination.  In an earlier post, I lamented over the fact that I had missed the boat with GarethContinue reading “Physical Development – Water Babies”

How to Teach Your Baby to Swim

After I had Gavin, I heard about babies having a natural ability to swim from a group of mothers at Fitfor2.  The information I had was rather vague but essentially it was something along the lines of: Babies have a natural instinct for swimming because they have been floating around in amniotic fluid in theContinue reading “How to Teach Your Baby to Swim”

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