Mental Toughness and Resilience

Mental toughness and resilience are two qualities that are often on my mind when I think of the kind of attributes I would like my children to develop. So when personal life coach, Clive Leach, came to GIS to talk about Mental Toughness, I knew I couldn’t miss this one… Mental Toughness – What is it? DoContinue reading “Mental Toughness and Resilience”

How Do We Raise Resilient, Persistent Kids?

Probably the most fundamental qualities a child can have in order to have the requisite “survival skills” to make it in the world no matter what the odds, obstacles or set-backs is resilience and persistence – resilience to withstand whatever life throws at your child and persistence to keep on going in the face ofContinue reading “How Do We Raise Resilient, Persistent Kids?”

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