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Pros and Cons of Home Learning During MCO

Since MCO began, the kids have had 26 days of home learning. As I reflect on those days and the changes that have been made to the home learning program, I feel that it has been a positive experience. Now that we are moving into a conditional MCO, I feel almost regretful that they willContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Home Learning During MCO”

Lessons from a Hiking Adventure in Kota Damansara

Over the Summer Holidays, we took a hike through a new trail in Kota Damansara. I had never been there before, but I thought we would try something new. I think I remember seeing the words “family friendly” somewhere and figured the boys could manage it. The trail we took was pretty easy up untilContinue reading “Lessons from a Hiking Adventure in Kota Damansara”

Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake

It’s science week at school and G1 has entered the bake-off competition. After snagging a prize for his Book Week costume (only 20 people entered because participation in secondary is apparently quite low), he was inspired to try again for Science Week. Baking is not really his forte, but if participation for Science Week isContinue reading “Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake”

Book Week Workshop by Malaysian Author Shamini Flint

Shamini Flint visited our school for Book Week. She was amazing and also delightfully witty. I regret that I had never heard of her before despite the wide success of her books. If you don’t know who she is either, Shamini Flint is a Malaysian writer. Yes, I’m claiming her for Malaysia even though sheContinue reading “Book Week Workshop by Malaysian Author Shamini Flint”

The Wheelie Experience

Breaking out of your comfort zone is never easy. It is especially challenging when you get too comfortable in your niche. Such was the case when we tried to encourage G2 to use the two-wheeled scooter instead of his old three-wheeler. He adamantly refused to try the two-wheeler until his Glider XL met with an untimely accident. G2 hadContinue reading “The Wheelie Experience”

The Not-So-Secret Basketball Training

I was never very good at sports growing up. You know how people talk about Math as a subject they just don’t have an aptitude for? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about sports. As an Asian girl growing up in Australia – the country where kids are born knowing how to throw a ballContinue reading “The Not-So-Secret Basketball Training”

A Forest Adventure in Bedok

I like to think I’m a pretty adventurous person – from climbing trees and stemming doorways as a child to caving, hiking and rock climbing as an adult, I always thought that my kids would be the same. It turns out that they are far more like their father than me in this department. Nevertheless, IContinue reading “A Forest Adventure in Bedok”

Martial Arts: Judo – Day of the Judoka

Some three years ago, I insisted that G1 pick up Judo for the following reasons: sports and physical activities are good for brain development physical activity offers health and fitness benefits martial arts are good for self-defense they develop confidence, focus, and concentration martial arts cultivate respect and discipline they teach persistence, resolve and perseveranceContinue reading “Martial Arts: Judo – Day of the Judoka”

I Wrote a Parenting Book – Brainchild!

The first ever career aspiration I can remember having was to be a writer. I have been writing from as far back as the days of the Apple IIe when my work was saved on 5 1/4 inch floppy disks. It was a child’s dream and I honestly never believed I would ever see the day when myContinue reading “I Wrote a Parenting Book – Brainchild!”

What Disneyland Teaches You About Your Kids

Motivating the kids has always been a challenge for me. While I understand the philosophy of “teaching them to yearn for the vast and endless sea”, I’m afraid I have a tendency for resorting to drumming because it’s easier. Subtlety has never been my strong suit – I come with a club in hand andContinue reading “What Disneyland Teaches You About Your Kids”