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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Ever since we heard about the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, we’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting for opening day. G1 even read the screenplay in his eager anticipation of the movie. DH was of the opinion that G1 would ruin the experience if he knew what was aboutContinue reading “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Brain Training with Music Instruments

A recent article from Empowering Parents recommended 6 brain training exercises for children and teens: Elevator Breathing – which is a lot like mindfulness training. The Brain-Body Connection Workout – like The Brain Gym, Go Noodle, or Playing the piano. The Concentration Game – games that build memory. Family Game Night – playing board games. Daily Talk Time/TriumphsContinue reading “Brain Training with Music Instruments”

Boost Your Productivity, Mood and Health with Nature Sounds

We have previously explored the link between nature and the brain from the perspective of being immersed in nature and the visual effect of looking at nature but it recently occurred to me that I have never really looked into the effects of listening to sounds of nature. Perhaps it is because I already know at someContinue reading “Boost Your Productivity, Mood and Health with Nature Sounds”

Puzzle Games – Monument Valley

If you’ve been following Season 3 of House of Cards then you may have already heard about Monument Valley… While I’m sure the game received a huge boost to be featured on such a popular TV series, it really is a great game worthy of its own accolades. I downloaded it for G1 but G2’s reallyContinue reading “Puzzle Games – Monument Valley”

Mama, Where’s the Car Engine?

Some time back, G2 asked me about the car engine. Since I know very little about car engines, all I could do was open the bonnet and show him what it looked like. Well, okay, I did point out the battery and I also showed him where the petrol goes in. Unfortunately, that was aboutContinue reading “Mama, Where’s the Car Engine?”

No “Bananas” Here Please!

Recently read this hilarious post by Cilisos about the 9 Problems Faced by Bananas, but even as I was guffawing through it, I quickly sobered up with the awareness that my boys may be growing up like bananas, too. Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, a banana is a reference for a Chinese person who can’t speak ChineseContinue reading “No “Bananas” Here Please!”

Apps: RPG Lego Harry Potter for Fans of Lego and Harry Potter

Lego Harry Potter… Could anything be sweeter to a boy that happens to like both Harry Potter and Lego? After reading the books and watching the movies, G1 was eager to feed his Harry Potter addiction with more, so I consented to getting the Lego Harry Potter app. It’s an RPG (role-playing game) – the kind I usedContinue reading “Apps: RPG Lego Harry Potter for Fans of Lego and Harry Potter”