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What’s the Real Growth Mindset in Education

I have been following the work of Carol Dweck since I first read about her on New Scientist way back in 2008. A lot has happened since then, and we have learned a lot more about the Growth Mindset so I felt it was about time for a re-cap. Part of reviewing material after a period of time has elapsed is theContinue reading “What’s the Real Growth Mindset in Education”

Children Praised for Being Smart Do Poorly at School

I have written about Carol Dweck’s work, growth mindsets and grit in previous posts, but I felt a need to revisit this topic after a recent event. G1 was a precocious child and he often invited a lot “smart” praise. The biggest offenders were relatives who would praise him just for breathing. During a recent encounter when G1 wasContinue reading “Children Praised for Being Smart Do Poorly at School”

The Brainology Program by Mindset Works

I finally bit the bullet and signed Aristotle up for the Brainology Program by Mindset Works a couple of weeks back. As you may recall, I have been concerned about Aristotle for some time… Since we signed up, he has been working steadily through the course. What is Brainology? Brainology® is developed by one of theContinue reading “The Brainology Program by Mindset Works”

Parenting: Changing Your Child’s Mindset from Fixed to Growth

I’m concerned about Aristotle. Actually, I’ve been concerned for a long time now and the older Aristotle grows, the more I have observed that increases my concern. Despite all my best efforts to negate the problem, it seems like nothing I’ve done has had any effect. So what’s the problem? Fixed Mindset or Growth Mindset?Continue reading “Parenting: Changing Your Child’s Mindset from Fixed to Growth”

Books for Parents: Mindset by Carol Dweck

The far reaching impact of her work came before me before I even knew her name. Carol Dweck has made a profound difference to my life ever since I discovered and understood her research on “the right kind of praise“. If there ever was a person who could draw back the curtains and shine theContinue reading “Books for Parents: Mindset by Carol Dweck”