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LEGO® Shows How Creative Problem Solving can Reunite and Rebuild the World

LEGO’s global Rebuild the World campaign, now in its third year, makes its debut in Malaysia. This campaign celebrates children as the masters of creative problem solving and shows what can be achieved when they creatively overcome challenges by building and rebuilding with LEGO bricks. Every parent knows that play essential for children. 91% of parents surveyed inContinue reading “LEGO® Shows How Creative Problem Solving can Reunite and Rebuild the World”

“Be Extraordinary” for Teens by Mindvalley

Schools are closed throughout the world and more than a billion children are learning from home. In these times of uncertainty amidst the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Mindvalley is offering its tailored online programme – Be Extraordinary for Teens – for free! This will be great for educational institutions turning to e-learning for unique ways toContinue reading ““Be Extraordinary” for Teens by Mindvalley”

How Adults Affects Young Children’s Persistence

Raising children with persistence. This is a topic that has been very close to my heart since G1 was little. Whether you want to refer to it as persistence, mental toughness, grit, or a growth mindset, I think it all sort of boils down to the same thing. Grit is a “firmness of mind orContinue reading “How Adults Affects Young Children’s Persistence”

Is Your Child Ready for the 21st Century?

“Soft skills”, “21st century skills”, or “learner skills” (as they call it at our school) – these are the new buzz words for education in the 21st century. We’ve probably talked about them to death – especially about how important they are for helping our children succeed in life after school. No one debates thisContinue reading “Is Your Child Ready for the 21st Century?”

Learner Skills for Kids in the 21st Century

For our children be successful when they get out into the real world, they will need more than a report card with good grades. They will need a number of intangible skills that we often refer to as “soft skills” or “21st century skills”. At our school, we call them “learner skills”. To help usContinue reading “Learner Skills for Kids in the 21st Century”

How to Increase Your Child’s Competitive Fire

In our earlier posts, we wrote about how competition benefits our children and how genetics can affect our children’s disposition towards competition. In this post, we’re going to look at how we can increase our children’s competitive fire. 3 Things Parents can do to Increase a Child’s Competitive Fire According to Po Bronson and AshleyContinue reading “How to Increase Your Child’s Competitive Fire”

Being Competitive – Warriors vs Worriers

We have always examined competition from the point of view of how it can benefit a child’s development but we have never examined how individual children might respond to competition. We know that children are 50% what nature has given them and 50% what nurture has done for them. Even though there is not aContinue reading “Being Competitive – Warriors vs Worriers”

Supporting Grit Development

In an earlier post, we looked at the activities that help to build grit. In this post, we’re going to explore ways for supporting grit development and gritty behaviours. Just like a personal trainer who helps us work towards our health and fitness goals, we are going to learn how to function like grit trainersContinue reading “Supporting Grit Development”

How to be a Parent of Successful Children

Want to know if you’re going to raise a successful child? According to the research, there are 12 key traits that parents of successful children have in common. Business Insider has summarised them here: They make their kids do chores Using measures of individual’s success such as completion of education, getting started on a career path, IQ,Continue reading “How to be a Parent of Successful Children”

Critical Thinking in the Age of Misinformation

Some time back, we highlighted the importance of helping children develop critical thinking skills, especially in this age of information. We also wrote about the problem of dysrationalia that affects everyone, especially those who are intelligent. The recent hoo-ha about the fake news on Facebook serves to reiterate yet again the value of critical thinking. “Honestly, people areContinue reading “Critical Thinking in the Age of Misinformation”