Gifted Education: What is it? Do We Even Need it?

To understand what is required in Gifted Education, we need to explore the idea of “giftedness”. I know… “gifted” – it sounds supercilious. It is unfortunate that the term “gifted” raises such negative connotations for so many people because there is a need to distinguish the kids who have a natural aptitude for academia. It isContinue reading “Gifted Education: What is it? Do We Even Need it?”

Gifted but Troubled

Giftedness… it sounds like the promise of success. When we hear the word “gifted”, we think of people like Einstein, Mozart, and other famous names. It’s hard to imagine how someone can be gifted but struggling in school. And yet, that is what it is to be gifted. In the following table, Alyssa Chen from Smartification highlights 3 challenges facedContinue reading “Gifted but Troubled”

Is My Child Gifted or Bright? What’s the Difference?

We are pleased to announce that we have a new contributor to Babylicious – Alyssa Chen, founder of Smartification, a website sharing information with parents and educators who are interested in the smartification of their children both in academics as well as emotional competency. One of Alyssa’s specialties is on giftedness, gifted children and gifted education.Continue reading “Is My Child Gifted or Bright? What’s the Difference?”

Books: Redefining Intelligence and Achieving Greatness

Scott Barry Kaufman has been on the radar in recent times after I came across a number of his articles on Beautiful Minds – a blog on Scientific American. A psychologist, author, and science writer, Kaufman focusses a lot on two subjects that are very near and dear to me – intelligence and creativity. One of the most interesting thingsContinue reading “Books: Redefining Intelligence and Achieving Greatness”

Books: Advice from Teens on Growing Up Gifted

Being gifted is tough. It is also tough being the parents of a gifted child. To help gifted children and parents of gifted children understand what to expect growing up gifted, Robert A Schultz (Ph.D) and James R Delisle (Ph.D) have published the book: If I’m So Smart, Why Aren’t the Answers Easy? It is based on surveys from more than 5,000Continue reading “Books: Advice from Teens on Growing Up Gifted”

How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset

It is an age-old debate – nature versus nurture; talent versus practice; and of course, the ultimate question: are geniuses born or made? And if it is made, how do we nurture the genius mindset? An article I read offered two arguments from two experts each arguing for the opposite side of the coin. TheContinue reading “How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 5 – The Search for Intelligent Life in Kindergarten

I must apologise for neglecting this series of blog posts that I promised to write about.  I have been rather distracted by the arrival for Gareth.  Anyway, here we are at Chapter 5 of Nurture Shock which is about the ability to predict a child’s superior intelligence while in kindergarten.  A lot of children areContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 5 – The Search for Intelligent Life in Kindergarten”

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