Debunking the Myth About the Creative Process

There is a very interesting article I read recently called “The Creativity Myth” – Creativity is not what we think it is. I heartily encourage you to read the article in its entirety but if you don’t have the time, here’s the gist of it (with some extrapolation of  my own)… We have a romantic idea aboutContinue reading “Debunking the Myth About the Creative Process”

Exploring Giftedness – Is My Child Gifted? So What if he is?

Giftedness. Genius. Brilliant Minds. This is a topic I have been wrestling with for a while. Why the conflict? When I embarked on this early development journey with my two boys, I had embraced the idea that any child could be made into a genius with the right nurture. Yet, as I observe the wayContinue reading “Exploring Giftedness – Is My Child Gifted? So What if he is?”

How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset

It is an age-old debate – nature versus nurture; talent versus practice; and of course, the ultimate question: are geniuses born or made? And if it is made, how do we nurture the genius mindset? An article I read offered two arguments from two experts each arguing for the opposite side of the coin. TheContinue reading “How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset”

Right Brain Education: Developing the Genius Potential

In this week’s Heguru class, we received another video recording from Ruiko Henmi. The translation to English is not great but I think I managed to understand the gist of it. Genius is a potential ability. If the power of the conscious mind is one, then the power of the subconscious genius is 1 millionContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Developing the Genius Potential”

Examining the Prodigy Myth

Some time back I posted a link on my Facebook page about “The Myth of Prodigy and Why it Matters“. The crux of the article was that there is a misconception that prodigies are prodigies because they are born with talent and that you can identify a prodigy through the early display of talent.  However,Continue reading “Examining the Prodigy Myth”

Right Brain Responsible for Creativity and Genius

Although I started off pursuing right brain education for my children with the aim to help them learn to speed read and develop their photographic memories, I now believe that right brain education also helps develop creativity – something I feel is severely lacking in our left-brain centric schools.  I like the philosophy of rightContinue reading “Right Brain Responsible for Creativity and Genius”

5 Ways to Raise a Smart Kid

Further to my previous post on raising smart kids, I thought it was interesting to note Gavin’s behaviour when he plays with his shape sorter. I first introduced the shape sorter to Gavin when he was ten months old.  He learned pretty quickly how to fit the circle into the round hole and subsequently, theContinue reading “5 Ways to Raise a Smart Kid”

How to Raise a Smart Kid

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”, or, if you read the “Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance“, it is “1% inspiration, 29% good instruction and encouragement, and 70% perspiration”. Indeed, science is telling us to forget about in-born genius, special talents and other innate qualities that we believe to be responsible for creatingContinue reading “How to Raise a Smart Kid”

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