Books: Redefining Intelligence and Achieving Greatness

Scott Barry Kaufman has been on the radar in recent times after I came across a number of his articles on Beautiful Minds – a blog on Scientific American. A psychologist, author, and science writer, Kaufman focusses a lot on two subjects that are very near and dear to me – intelligence and creativity. One of the most interesting thingsContinue reading “Books: Redefining Intelligence and Achieving Greatness”

Why Precocious Kids are in Trouble

pre·co·cious adjective 1. (of a child) having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual. Aristotle is a precocious child and he knows it. It bothers me because of the way he behaves knowing this. I worry about what may happen to him in future if this behaviour remains unchecked – not thatContinue reading “Why Precocious Kids are in Trouble”

How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset

It is an age-old debate – nature versus nurture; talent versus practice; and of course, the ultimate question: are geniuses born or made? And if it is made, how do we nurture the genius mindset? An article I read offered two arguments from two experts each arguing for the opposite side of the coin. TheContinue reading “How to be Brilliant: Developing the Genius Mindset”

Examining the Prodigy Myth

Some time back I posted a link on my Facebook page about “The Myth of Prodigy and Why it Matters“. The crux of the article was that there is a misconception that prodigies are prodigies because they are born with talent and that you can identify a prodigy through the early display of talent.  However,Continue reading “Examining the Prodigy Myth”

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