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Math Apps: Splash Math Classroom Edition – Free Trial!

Do you remember Splash Math by Study Pad? Just in case you missed it, check out our review of Splash Math. If you’ve seen it and you love it, you’ll be delighted to know that Splash Math is now available in a special Classroom Edition for teachers! Splash Math for Teachers! To celebrate the launchContinue reading “Math Apps: Splash Math Classroom Edition – Free Trial!”

What is the International Baccalaureate Program?

If you are researching schools for your child, you may have come across the term IB or International Baccalaureate and wondered about this curriculum. The following is an article adapted from Education Destination Malaysia that explains the IB programs (read the full article). What are the IB Programs? The IB programs were created to offerContinue reading “What is the International Baccalaureate Program?”

5 Steps to Help You Choose the Right School for Your Child

As a parent of the new generation, I have discovered that it is never too early to start thinking about schools for your child. The early childhood years go very quickly and in the blink of an eye your child will be ready to start school. If you haven’t done any preliminary research, you mayContinue reading “5 Steps to Help You Choose the Right School for Your Child”

Schools and Education: Are We Encouraging Lateral Thinking and Creative Thinking?

For a long time, I have been wringing my hands and fretting about sending Aristotle to school rather than homeschooling him. He is a very sensitive child who can be quite challenging to deal with when he doesn’t want to do something. Thankfully, he has had great teachers who have managed to handle him wellContinue reading “Schools and Education: Are We Encouraging Lateral Thinking and Creative Thinking?”

Education Destination Malaysia: Guide to International & Private Schools

On 20-21 July 2013, the Second Annual Private & International School Fair in KL was held at the Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre. A number of private and international schools were on display with exhibitor booths which provided parents with an excellent one-stop opportunity to check out the private and international schooling options available in the Klang Valley. IfContinue reading “Education Destination Malaysia: Guide to International & Private Schools”

How to Choose the Right School for Your Child

Some time back, I wrote about choosing a good school for my boys and I noticed that there it generated quite a strong response in the comments from parents expressing their disappointment, disapproval, and dissatisfaction with a lot of schools they have encountered. If you’re interested, the posts are here: Researching International Schools in KualaContinue reading “How to Choose the Right School for Your Child”

On School and Siblings: The Socialisation Myth

I wanted to explore this topic because I believe there is a misconception about how children learn the rules of social conduct. Feel free to rebut the arguments here and/or share your experiences in the comments. There are technically two points I’m discussing here, the first is related to child personality… When Aristotle was little,Continue reading “On School and Siblings: The Socialisation Myth”

Progress Update on Hercules

Hercules just turned 3 – the magical number in right brain education when children pass that first stage of development – so I thought I should do a progress update… On School He’s been attending play school for three weeks now. He goes 3 days a week for 4 hours. After an initial warm welcome, Hercules wentContinue reading “Progress Update on Hercules”