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App: Thinkrolls Play & Code

Thinkrolls Play & Code by Avokiddo is a logic and problem-solving app with over 800 maze-like logic puzzles, smart brain games, and a unique pre-coding platform where kids can create and play their own logic puzzles using pre-coded objects. Through interactive and engaging gameplay, this app helps children develop 8 key cognitive areas: logical thinking, problem-solving,Continue reading “App: Thinkrolls Play & Code”

Physical Fitness and Exercise Increase Cognitive Performance and Brain Health

There is so much evidence supporting the brain benefits of exercise and physical fitness that I am convinced this is our magic pill. I was also convinced that I knew all I needed to know about reaping the benefits from exercise. When a friend passed me a copy John Ratey’s book – Spark: the RevolutionaryContinue reading “Physical Fitness and Exercise Increase Cognitive Performance and Brain Health”

Cogmed Brain Training for Kids

Working memory is an important executive function that helps children learn and do well at school. It is three times more accurate in predicting literacy skills and four times more accurate in predicting math skills compared to IQ. When children have poor working memory skills, they struggle. They have a hard time following instructions andContinue reading “Cogmed Brain Training for Kids”

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Teaches Children Many Skills

G1 has a new craze – the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I thought at first that it was just another ridiculously expensive hobby until G1 learned how to play the game properly and taught it to me. It turns out that there is actually quite a lot a child can learn from this game. TheContinue reading “The Pokemon Trading Card Game Teaches Children Many Skills”

Kickstarting 2017 with the Read Aloud Revival Challenge

It’s the start of a new year and we’ve decided to kick it off by joining the Read Aloud Revival Challenge. What is the Read Aloud Revival Challenge? The Read Aloud Revival Challenge was a concept developed by Sarah MacKenzie. The challenge encourages children to read aloud every day (or as often as possible) forContinue reading “Kickstarting 2017 with the Read Aloud Revival Challenge”

How to Build a Better Brain with Exercise

If you want to build a better brain, you won’t go wrong with exercise. We’ve seen study after study on how the brain benefits from exercise: Sports and Physical Activity are Important for Brain Development and Academic Performance Exercise Makes You Smarter Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to enhance the brain “Exercise—especiallyContinue reading “How to Build a Better Brain with Exercise”

Brain Training by Learning Languages

In the previous post, we wrote about using musical instruments as a brain training exercise. Well, we know that the other thing that is also good for the brain is learning languages. And now a study by Yang et al., 2014 provides more compelling reasons why learning a second language can be a good brain training exercise, regardless of yourContinue reading “Brain Training by Learning Languages”

BrainRx at myBrainLab – Round Two

Two years ago, G1 took a cognitive skills test at myBrainLab where some of his cognitive weaknesses were identified. He went through the BrainRx program and his trainer helped him to work on his weaknesses. The results of the training were far better than I could ever have hoped for. At that time, G2 was too young for the program soContinue reading “BrainRx at myBrainLab – Round Two”

Brain Training with Music Instruments

A recent article from Empowering Parents recommended 6 brain training exercises for children and teens: Elevator Breathing – which is a lot like mindfulness training. The Brain-Body Connection Workout – like The Brain Gym, Go Noodle, or Playing the piano. The Concentration Game – games that build memory. Family Game Night – playing board games. Daily Talk Time/TriumphsContinue reading “Brain Training with Music Instruments”

Mindfulness Enhances School Performance

Although the practice of mindfulness meditation has been around for a while, it is only in recent times that it has begun to gain traction in schools. As more research builds up to support the case for mindfulness, more schools are beginning to incorporate mindfulness into the curriculum. The body of scientific research illustrating theContinue reading “Mindfulness Enhances School Performance”