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App: Thinkrolls Play & Code

Thinkrolls Play & Code by Avokiddo is a logic and problem-solving app with over 800 maze-like logic puzzles, smart brain games, and a unique pre-coding platform where kids can create and play their own logic puzzles using pre-coded objects. Through interactive and engaging gameplay, this app helps children develop 8 key cognitive areas: logical thinking, problem-solving,Continue reading “App: Thinkrolls Play & Code”

Active Screen Time: PokemonGo for Developing Logic and Reasoning

A while back, G1 wrote us a thousand-word essay expounding the benefits of playing Pokemon Go. After joining him on this quest to see what all the fuss is about, I have some new benefits to add to the list. Coming fresh from the last post’s discussion about the benefit of active screen time, IContinue reading “Active Screen Time: PokemonGo for Developing Logic and Reasoning”

Physical Fitness and Exercise Increase Cognitive Performance and Brain Health

There is so much evidence supporting the brain benefits of exercise and physical fitness that I am convinced this is our magic pill. I was also convinced that I knew all I needed to know about reaping the benefits from exercise. When a friend passed me a copy John Ratey’s book – Spark: the RevolutionaryContinue reading “Physical Fitness and Exercise Increase Cognitive Performance and Brain Health”

Assessing Your Child’s Brain Function

Before anyone goes on a rampage, let me state for the record that nothing beats a professional assessment when it comes to testing brain function and identifying cognitive weaknesses. That said, professional assessments are pretty costly; they’re a lot to pay when you’re not sure if you need it. If you’re looking for a quickContinue reading “Assessing Your Child’s Brain Function”

How to Build a Better Brain with Exercise

If you want to build a better brain, you won’t go wrong with exercise. We’ve seen study after study on how the brain benefits from exercise: Sports and Physical Activity are Important for Brain Development and Academic Performance Exercise Makes You Smarter Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to enhance the brain “Exercise—especiallyContinue reading “How to Build a Better Brain with Exercise”

Brain Training with Music Instruments

A recent article from Empowering Parents recommended 6 brain training exercises for children and teens: Elevator Breathing – which is a lot like mindfulness training. The Brain-Body Connection Workout – like The Brain Gym, Go Noodle, or Playing the piano. The Concentration Game – games that build memory. Family Game Night – playing board games. Daily Talk Time/TriumphsContinue reading “Brain Training with Music Instruments”

Activities and Games for Developing Executive Function

Executive Function helps children succeed academically and in life. It is a better predictor of success than IQ. So I’ve been thinking a little harder about ways to help the children improve these skills. There is an old proverb often mistakenly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but it goes like this: “Tell me and I forget. TeachContinue reading “Activities and Games for Developing Executive Function”

Brain Benefits of Playing Minion Rush?

Some time back, when I was researching study techniques to improve student learning, I came across Daphne Bavelier’s research on how video games can make our brains work better: They improve vision – I’ll bet that was a surprise They improve attention They increase speed of decision-making They increase retention of information They improve cognitiveContinue reading “Brain Benefits of Playing Minion Rush?”

Boost Your Productivity, Mood and Health with Nature Sounds

We have previously explored the link between nature and the brain from the perspective of being immersed in nature and the visual effect of looking at nature but it recently occurred to me that I have never really looked into the effects of listening to sounds of nature. Perhaps it is because I already know at someContinue reading “Boost Your Productivity, Mood and Health with Nature Sounds”

Mind Tools for Students

“Do not indoctrinate your children. Teach them how to think for themselves, how to evaluate evidence, and how to disagree with you.” – Richard Dawkins Recently, we wrote about how metacognition helps students improve their learning. To follow up on that article, we took a look are some popular mind tools that support the development ofContinue reading “Mind Tools for Students”