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Cogmed Brain Training for Kids

Working memory is an important executive function that helps children learn and do well at school. It is three times more accurate in predicting literacy skills and four times more accurate in predicting math skills compared to IQ. When children have poor working memory skills, they struggle. They have a hard time following instructions andContinue reading “Cogmed Brain Training for Kids”

Brain Benefits of Playing Minion Rush?

Some time back, when I was researching study techniques to improve student learning, I came across Daphne Bavelier’s research on how video games can make our brains work better: They improve vision – I’ll bet that was a surprise They improve attention They increase speed of decision-making They increase retention of information They improve cognitiveContinue reading “Brain Benefits of Playing Minion Rush?”

Boosting Memory – Proprioceptive Activities and Exercise

We’ve heard over and over how exercise and physical activity in general is good for our brains overall: If you only do one thing for your brain, it should be this Sports and physical activity boost brain development and academic performance Recently, we learned that specific physical activities can enhance memory even further, especially whenContinue reading “Boosting Memory – Proprioceptive Activities and Exercise”

Babies Gain Long-Term Benefits from Mom’s Prenatal Exercise

When I was pregnant, I was often told to “take it easy”. I was even encouraged to reduce the exercise in case I overexerted myself and harmed the baby. Times are changing and the research is coming in to support otherwise. In fact, it’s more than just good for mother, it’s also good for baby… ExerciseContinue reading “Babies Gain Long-Term Benefits from Mom’s Prenatal Exercise”

5 Day Fasting Mimicking Diet Improves Cognitive Function

A 5 day diet that rejuvenates memory and learning? Alright, you’ve got my attention… About FMD FMD is a type of diet that mimics fasting (fasting mimicking diet = FMD). In the study, subjects were required to eat around 50% less calories over five days in a month (FMD). For the remaining 25 days of the month, theyContinue reading “5 Day Fasting Mimicking Diet Improves Cognitive Function”

Revisiting the Mozart Effect and Other Music Benefits

New studies breathe new life into the Mozart Effect… The ‘Mozart Effect’ was a phenomenon first suggested by a scientific study published in the journal Science in 1993. The study, involving 36 students, demonstrated that teenagers who listened to Mozart’s 1781 Sonata for Two Pianos in D major performed better in reasoning tests than adolescents who listenedContinue reading “Revisiting the Mozart Effect and Other Music Benefits”

What Happens When Your Brain is Sleep Deprived

Optimal brain function requires optimal brain health and optimal brain health requires adequate sleeping hours. In other words, being sleep deprived can lead to serious negative consequences for brain health and function. It’s been said over and over how important it is to get enough sleep: how the lost of one hour of sleep aContinue reading “What Happens When Your Brain is Sleep Deprived”

Enhancing Your Memory with Memory Tactics

Having a phenomenal memory is a great asset to have, but even if you feel you weren’t blessed with a good memory, there are a number of tricks you can employ that will help you remember more. Here they are… Chunking Chunking is the technique of organizing or combining individual pieces of information into “chunks” orContinue reading “Enhancing Your Memory with Memory Tactics”