DIY Bonnet Instructions for Costumes and Dress-Up

This year, our Primary school is putting on the musical “Beauty and the Beast”. Drama and musical theater¬†are terrific extra-curricular activities for child development so I was delighted when G1 joined the production this year. To support his efforts, I volunteered to help “in any way that I can”. In the end, I was assignedContinue reading “DIY Bonnet Instructions for Costumes and Dress-Up”

DIY: Will Treaty’s Ranger’s Apprentice Costume

G1 has been planning for Book Week¬†even though the dates haven’t been announced, yet. Given how much advanced notice I have, I figure I should get started early so I don’t have to do another rushed job. So who did he want to dress up as? Will Treaty from The Ranger’s Apprentice series by JohnContinue reading “DIY: Will Treaty’s Ranger’s Apprentice Costume”

DIY Dress-up: Harry Potter

It’s Book Week again and G1 wanted to be Harry Potter this time. That meant two costumes because G2 would surely tell me just before dress-up day that he wants to be Harry Potter, too. I started googling pictures and I noticed that Harry Potter’s Hogwarts robes from the first movie is different from theContinue reading “DIY Dress-up: Harry Potter”

Simple DIY Ninjago Costumes

Most children invariably want to dress up as their favourite super heroes. When you factor in growth and their rapidly changing fancies, this can be quite a costly affair. Recently, my two boys wanted to be ninjas from Ninjago. Or rather, Aristotle wanted to be Lloyd (the green ninja), and by default, whatever big brotherContinue reading “Simple DIY Ninjago Costumes”

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