Pros and Cons of Home Learning During MCO

Since MCO began, the kids have had 26 days of home learning. As I reflect on those days and the changes that have been made to the home learning program, I feel that it has been a positive experience. Now that we are moving into a conditional MCO, I feel almost regretful that they willContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Home Learning During MCO”

Innovating Education: The Large-Scale Enquiry Program

There is an annual event at school called The Large-Scale Enquiry Program. In previous years, I had given it almost no mind because it did not involve my kids directly. This is the first year that G1 has participated in the main large-scale enquiry (years 3 and 4 have their own “mini” large-scale enquiry – ifContinue reading “Innovating Education: The Large-Scale Enquiry Program”

Hour of Code with Kano

It’s Hour of Code 2016 and our Kano Kit has arrived just in time for us to start tinkering… So we’re going to start with these 8 activities recommended by Kano for the Hour of Code: Make Flappy Bird with If you’ve been under a rock and you have never heard of Flappy Bird,Continue reading “Hour of Code with Kano”

The Standard Deviants Teaching System

Found this interesting series of interactive educational videos that reminded me of the Rock ‘N’ Learn series and Bill Nye the Science Guy with subject matter aimed at an older group… The Standard Deviants The Standard Deviants was created by two college graduates with a golden idea to record full academic courses on video and make them funny. OverContinue reading “The Standard Deviants Teaching System”

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