Cogmed Brain Training for Kids

Working memory is an important executive function that helps children learn and do well at school. It is three times more accurate in predicting literacy skills and four times more accurate in predicting math skills compared to IQ. When children have poor working memory skills, they struggle. They have a hard time following instructions andContinue reading “Cogmed Brain Training for Kids”

Rethinking Education – What Do Our Children Really Need to be Successful?

Academics is Not Enough “Study hard and get good grades so you can get a good job” – this was the mantra of our parents because it was the formula that worked in their world. But the world we live in is constantly changing – the world we grew up in is vastly different toContinue reading “Rethinking Education – What Do Our Children Really Need to be Successful?”

Activities to Develop Working Memory

We know that executive function is important for predicting future success in children and that executive function is closely linked to self-control – another predictor for future success. One of the executive functions is working memory which can be strengthened with brain exercises. You can also find brain exercises on Lumosity that specifically target workingContinue reading “Activities to Develop Working Memory”

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