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Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

The following activities are a great way to introduce children to the Chinese New Year. These were some activities we did in school. Zodiac Animal Hunt In this activity, pictures of all the zodiac animals were hidden around the playground and the children had to search for them. Order of the Zodiac The order ofContinue reading “Chinese New Year Activities for Kids”

Practicing Practical Life Skills

When G2 was younger, I made him a set of dressing frames so he could practice some Practical Life Skills. Despite the effort and care I put into making these, G2 didn’t really care to practice these skills. Until I made him the vest for his Frodo costume: He couldn’t stop putting it on so heContinue reading “Practicing Practical Life Skills”

A Morning at the “Ocean”

We managed to catch the Beautiful Ocean Event at Midvalley Megamall before it ended. If you missed it, check out the photos. The set-up was really lovely. We signed the pledge to stop eating shark’s fin – at least I did – and G1 learned a bit more about what happens to the sharks whenContinue reading “A Morning at the “Ocean””

Right Brain Education: Puzzle Activities

In right brain education, the children are also encouraged to do lots of puzzle activities, like dot-to-dot, spot the difference, mazes, simple origami, etc. These are for developing fine motor skills, logic and reasoning, and problem solving skills. Although these are recognised as being left brain activities as well, true right brain education is about wholeContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Puzzle Activities”

Fun Activities

Busy Boxes Introducing the Busy Box Magnetic Board Activity 16 Montessori Ideas for the Busy Box Projects Night Sky Constellations Lego and Construction Models Art and Craft Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters Abstract Art Fun – exploration of colours and textures Batik Painting T-Shirt Painting Water Colours Introduction to Finger Paints Mess-Free Art –Continue reading “Fun Activities”

Sights and Sounds: FRIM – Canopy Walk

In a bid to get the boys outdoors a little more so they can enjoy the benefits of nature, we took them to FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute Malaysia) so they could experience the canopy walk. After watching the movie Epic and becoming besotted with the idea of being leafmen, it wasn’t hard to convince them toContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: FRIM – Canopy Walk”

Art and Craft Activities: Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters

If you want to foster your creativity, don’t learn to code; learn to paint (Alex Knapp, Forbes): The key to being creative, in any field, be it scientific, technical, or business, in the 21st century definitely requires a certain comfort level in technology. But the best way to harness the power of computers doesn’t reside inContinue reading “Art and Craft Activities: Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters”

Travel Fun: Easy, Screen-Free Games to Play When You’re Travelling with the Kids

It’s the holiday season and many families are probably travelling or planning to travel. With all that time in transit for the kids to get bored, I thought it would be great to compile a list of “screen-free” activities and games to play so that the kids don’t have to be glued to their iPadsContinue reading “Travel Fun: Easy, Screen-Free Games to Play When You’re Travelling with the Kids”

Family Fun: Christmas Activities and Stuff

Christmas Activities – Decorating the Tree For Christmas this year, we recycled our tree from the previous year. Aristotle had a lot of fun hanging up the baubles, but I had to assist with the lights. Hercules pitched in with the singing and even hung up a few baubles himself – mostly all on theContinue reading “Family Fun: Christmas Activities and Stuff”

The 3 Rs: R for ‘Riting – How to Encourage Children to Practice Their Handwriting Skills

Successful Kids have a strong foundation in the 3-Rs – reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. Today, we will focus on “writing”… Similar to Math practice, encouraging Aristotle to pick up a pencil and practice his handwriting is like trying to make a rock bleed. To make this uphill battle a little easier, I’ve had to devise waysContinue reading “The 3 Rs: R for ‘Riting – How to Encourage Children to Practice Their Handwriting Skills”