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Resources: Free Online Math Sites for Kids

In this age of the Internet, educational resources are available in abundance. There are many quality sites that offer resources that are not only fun but also free. Here are just a handful of the many math programs available to children on the Internet that may be utilised for free: Number Games Soft Schools: Counting Games PBS Kids:Continue reading “Resources: Free Online Math Sites for Kids”

Math Apps: Splash Math Classroom Edition – Free Trial!

Do you remember Splash Math by Study Pad? Just in case you missed it, check out our review of Splash Math. If you’ve seen it and you love it, you’ll be delighted to know that Splash Math is now available in a special Classroom Edition for teachers! Splash Math for Teachers! To celebrate the launchContinue reading “Math Apps: Splash Math Classroom Edition – Free Trial!”

Right Brain Education – Shichida’s Math Program

In Right Brain Education, Shichida devised a Math program that was called the 65 Day Shichida Math Program. The program is loosely based on the Math Dot Program that was first devised by Glenn Doman. It uses red dot cards to teach young children Mathematical concepts. About the Glenn Doman Math Program: How to teachContinue reading “Right Brain Education – Shichida’s Math Program”

Apps: Mystery Math Town and Mystery Math Museum

If it gets the kids to practice their Math without me having to say a word, I love it. And this app does just that… Mystery Math Town by Artgig Studio, This app sends your children on a mission to help a friendly and curious little ghost rescue the fireflies that are hidden in Mystery Math Town whereContinue reading “Apps: Mystery Math Town and Mystery Math Museum”

Encouraging Early Numeracy

We’ve touched on the importance of helping our children develop a strong foundation in Math in an earlier article, but here’s more about the benefits of teaching children math and starting early… Why is Math Important? 1. Young children have an innate intuition with math “A lot of children find symbolic arithmetic quite difficult and tedious” butContinue reading “Encouraging Early Numeracy”

Resources: New Math / i-Maths

Some time back, a friend helped me get a series of Math kits called “New Math”. I never wrote about them because most of the kit is in Chinese and I had no proper source for them. Recently, I passed by a new branch of UCMAS that had opened near Hercules’ school and noticed that they wereContinue reading “Resources: New Math / i-Maths”

Making Math Relevant to Our Children

Aristotle has never really liked Math. Getting him to practice his arithmetic is like pulling teeth out without anaesthetic. Perhaps it is because of this that I have always assumed he was weak at Math and being the daughter of a Math teacher, this bothered me greatly. For a long time, I have searched forContinue reading “Making Math Relevant to Our Children”

Introducing Splash Math Online (plus Giveaway and Promotion!)

UPDATE! Promotion and Giveaway has ended. Successful kids have a strong foundation in the 3 Rs – Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic. Last week, our focus was reading. This week, R is for arithmetic! To kick start our week, I would like to introduce: Splash Math Online If you are aware of Splah Math Apps by StudyPad, then you’llContinue reading “Introducing Splash Math Online (plus Giveaway and Promotion!)”

Successful Kids have a Strong Foundation in the 3 R’s

There is more to success than academics, but I believe there are three key basics that you can’t do without – the 3 R’s (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic), although why they call it the 3 R’s is beyond me. Yes, the 3 R’s are important. Every parent knows that. Why would I even have to write aboutContinue reading “Successful Kids have a Strong Foundation in the 3 R’s”

Apps: Zorbit’s Math Adventure

We were recently invited to try a new Math App called Zorbit’s Math Adventure. It is a fun way to introduce preschoolers to the world of Math. Even if your preschooler is familiar with numbers, she will still have a lot of fun reinforcing her knowledge with this app. Zorbit’s Math Adventure is designed likeContinue reading “Apps: Zorbit’s Math Adventure”