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Right Brain Education Home Practice Resources

Looking for resources for your Right Brain Education Home Practice? Look no further. Expert MieVee launches her new site Owlissimo for busy parents with no time to make their own home practice resources… What Owlissimo Offers: 1800 flash cards published by Shichida Education International. This gives you a huge variety of picture cards to supplementContinue reading “Right Brain Education Home Practice Resources”

Right Brain Education – Shichida’s Math Program

In Right Brain Education, Shichida devised a Math program that was called the 65 Day Shichida Math Program. The program is loosely based on the Math Dot Program that was first devised by Glenn Doman. It uses red dot cards to teach young children Mathematical concepts. About the Glenn Doman Math Program: How to teachContinue reading “Right Brain Education – Shichida’s Math Program”

Shichida’s 63 Day Math Program

According to Makoto Shichida, rapid computer-like calculation is a characteristic of the high speed automatic process function of the right brain. You infants can be taught to recognise the number of dots on cards up to 100. Eventually they can learn the answers to complex arithmetic problems before they acquire any conscious understanding of mathematics. The ShichidaContinue reading “Shichida’s 63 Day Math Program”

Motherhood Magazine Article: Brain Boosters

There is an interesting article in the January 2013 issue of Motherhood Magazine (Singapore) on Brain Boosters. In a nutshell, the article is about enrichment classes that develop your child’s brain with a focus on Shichida and Heguru. Clicks the images to read the article. If you’re in Singapore, you can find the full article in theContinue reading “Motherhood Magazine Article: Brain Boosters”

Shichida: Testimonials

Does Right Brain Education really work? It seems to be the most prominent question on every parent’s lips when they first hear about it. The following are testimonials taken from a Shichida brochure: Prof C. Matthews, USA: “I have found Prof Shichida to be a loving, compassionate man. He deeply loves children and has beenContinue reading “Shichida: Testimonials”

Right Brain Education: Shichida or Not Shichida? Which is the Best School?

Want to learn more about Right Brain Education and how to practice at home with your child? Subscribe to our free newsletter and get a bonus Right Brain Education activity manual free! Some time back, there was a comment on my blog about the Shichida program in Malaysia and Singapore not being the same as the one inContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Shichida or Not Shichida? Which is the Best School?”