Resources: Free Online Math Sites for Kids

In this age of the Internet, educational resources are available in abundance. There are many quality sites that offer resources that are not only fun but also free. Here are just a handful of the many math programs available to children on the Internet that may be utilised for free: Number Games Soft Schools: Counting Games PBS Kids:Continue reading “Resources: Free Online Math Sites for Kids”

Website Resource: Make Me Genius

Here’s another great website with free resources. It’s called “Make Me Genius“. What’s on it: Science Videos: e.g. types of rocks, photosynthesis, the muscular system, water cycle, states of matter, etc. Cools Facts: e.g. oceans and seas, human body, solar system, etc. Educational power-points: plants, earth, food and nutrition, etc. Jokes for Kids Science ProjectsContinue reading “Website Resource: Make Me Genius”

The Right Brain Education Manual

If you wanted a free, concise, downloadable manual that explains everything about what Right Brain Education is about and how you can implement it at home, you should head over to The Right Brain Education Shop and download their free e-book. Here’s a peek at what’s in it: What Is Right Brain Education? Right Brain SchoolsContinue reading “The Right Brain Education Manual”

Play 10 Free Kindle Games (The Ultimate Game Guide Series)

The Kindle as portable online gaming platform? Online gaming has become a true phenomenon of the online experience and has spawned many different styles of games. Table of Content – Introduction – Game list – Memory – FifteenPuzzle – Chess – Canvas Rider – VII – BoredBoredBored – Sand Trap – Solitairey – Classic SolitaireContinue reading “Play 10 Free Kindle Games (The Ultimate Game Guide Series)”

Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games

I saw these at Jaya Jusco in The Alpha Angle: Nestle has a special promotion including a free PC game with their children’s breakfast cereals.  The box of cereal was also on special at about RM7.50 (or thereabouts) – which is about a dollar off the regular price. Since Gavin loves eating Milo cereal, IContinue reading “Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games”

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