Encouraging Early Numeracy

We’ve touched on the importance of helping our children develop a strong foundation in Math in an earlier article, but here’s more about the benefits of teaching children math and starting early… Why is Math Important? 1. Young children have an innate intuition with math “A lot of children find symbolic arithmetic quite difficult and tedious” butContinue reading “Encouraging Early Numeracy”

Math: BrillKids Little Math

Ideal for babies and young children, Little Math is a revolutionary learning system by BrillKids for teaching Math. Little Math makes it easy for you to teach your children Math that is both engaging and fun for them. Here are the features of Little Math: Little Math has a comprehensive curriculum spanning over 12 monthsContinue reading “Math: BrillKids Little Math”

Announcement: BrillKids Little Math Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the BrillKids Little Math coupon giveaway. I am pleased to announce the winner is Abby. Congratulations Abby! Hopefully this will help you save time preparing the materials when you teach your daughter Math. The winners for our lucky draws are drawn using Class Tools – Random Name Selector. ForContinue reading “Announcement: BrillKids Little Math Winner!”

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