Apps: Zorbit’s Math Adventure

We were recently invited to try a new Math App called Zorbit’s Math Adventure. It is a fun way to introduce preschoolers to the world of Math. Even if your preschooler is familiar with numbers, she will still have a lot of fun reinforcing her knowledge with this app.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is designed like an adventure game for preschoolers. The aim is to help Zorbit get to planet Earth. To do that, you have to help him collect stars to power up his rocket. To collect the stars, your child has to visit six different planets and complete the mathematical activities on each one. A star will be rewarded upon the completion of all the activities on any one planet.

These are the six planet activities:

1. Wake up Zorbit for his trip to Planet Earth. Explore Zorbit’s room and identify quantities from 1 to 5.

Planet 1 - Wake up Sleepyhead!

2. Help Zorbit get gumballs from his crazy gumball machine. Count the coins – quantities from 6 to 10.

gumball machine

3. Help look after Zippy’s pet Oswald by feeding him fruit!

Feed Oswald

4. Help Marty count the spaceships as they fly through the sky.

Counting Spaceships

5. Zorbit’s Dad, Sgt. Scrambler, needs help repairing broken down spaceships.

6. Build Zorbit’s Spaceship.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure uses the method of storytelling to teach young children mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way. All instructions are spoken so even if your child cannot read, she can still play the app without requiring your assistance. There are sticker rewards, stars for completing each level and hints if your child gets stuck. What I like best is that there are no in-app purchases, no advertising, no social media and no internet access required. These have been the bane of other apps which I did not like.

What will your child learn?

  • Learn numbers 1-20
  • Compare numbers (more or less)
  • Order numbers (ascending and descending)
  • Subitize (the precursor to estimating)
  • Above and Below
  • Same and Different
  • Recognizing Shapes
  • Matching Shapes
  • Narrow and Wide
  • Short and Tall
  • Long and Short
  • Left, Middle, Right
  • Top, Bottom
  • Colors

If you want a video preview of the app, here it is on Youtube.

What did Hercules think of it?

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Hercules is my 3 year old. He already has basic Math skills but when I showed Zorbit’s Math Adventure to him, it was an instant hit! He absolutely loved it and has been asking to play the app every chance he gets. I believe learning should be fun because children who are interested to take on their own learning pick up information faster and remember more. Zorbit Math Adventure achieves that. Best Boy Entertainment, the creators of Zorbit Math Adventure, are targeting to launch the Kindergarten and Grade 1 apps next year. I’ll be interested to see what they have in store for us.

Get it here:

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