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3M Science at Home for Distance Learning

More than one billion students have had their education disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All around the world, there have been forced closures of public and private schools and educators are scrambling to adapt to new forms of distance learning. To help schools, parents, and caregivers adjust to this new reality, 3M has launched Science at Home.Continue reading “3M Science at Home for Distance Learning”

Music Resources for Home Learning

These are music resources from our music teacher that I have collated here to make them easier for my kids to access. Feel free to use them, too. Chrome Music Lab Music Play Online – login details in your email. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder Groove Pizza – Youtube videos on the web-based drumContinue reading “Music Resources for Home Learning”

Home Learning Resources

Someone sent me a list of home learning resources through Whatsapp that I thought was particularly useful during this time of school closures. I’ve compiled the list along with some other resources I’ve found through the years that we’ve enjoyed using. Free Resources for Home Learning Scholastic has created a free learn-from-home site with 20+Continue reading “Home Learning Resources”

Educational Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner again, so I’ve been doing some online window shopping for educational Christmas gift ideas. Of course, they also have to be cool gifts – as in, the kind of gifts I would love to receive myself. Here’s what I found… The Coding Educational Gift List Okay, I obsess a littleContinue reading “Educational Gift Ideas for Christmas”

Prodigy Math – RPG that Helps Kids Learn Math

There is a misconception pervasive in our understanding of Math. I’ve often heard it said, “I’m not a numbers person” or “Math is just no my subject”. It becomes that subject to get through and be discarded at first opportunity. Math is like anything else in life that we do. Everyone starts at different levelsContinue reading “Prodigy Math – RPG that Helps Kids Learn Math”

How to Use Digital Tools to Support Literacy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela), and “literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy” (Barrack Obama). If we’re going to raise children who will change the world, we must first help them to become literate adults. Teaching children basic literacy skills can be challengingContinue reading “How to Use Digital Tools to Support Literacy”

Cubetto Lesson Plan – Extension Activities for Cubetto’s First Day

If you’re looking for a Cubetto Lesson Plan, these are a few extension activities to continue from where Cubetto’s First Day left off. Maps, Compasses and Directions Learn more about maps, compasses and directions: Cat in the Hat Learning Library: There’s a Map on My Lap The Cat in the Hat introduces beginning readers toContinue reading “Cubetto Lesson Plan – Extension Activities for Cubetto’s First Day”

Exploring Learning with Cubetto’s First Day

We first heard about Cubetto on Kickstarter. It sounded like a really cool – non-screen coding program so I supported it, thinking it would be a great way for G2 to learn the basic concepts of coding. Cubetto’s First Day Cubetto finally arrived and we got started on Cubetto’s First Day. The kids had toContinue reading “Exploring Learning with Cubetto’s First Day”

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Tinkerers

When it comes to child development, there is a very strong connection between the body and the brain. We’ve seen the positive effects of movement on brain development and how gestures can help children remember more. Busy Hands, Busy Brains – Scholastic As students put projects together, create crafts, or use familiar materials in new ways, they’re constructingContinue reading “The Ultimate Gift Guide for Young Tinkerers”