Resources: New Math / i-Maths

Some time back, a friend helped me get a series of Math kits called “New Math”. I never wrote about them because most of the kit is in Chinese and I had no proper source for them. Recently, I passed by a new branch of UCMAS that had opened near Hercules’ school and noticed that they wereContinue reading “Resources: New Math / i-Maths”

Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers

I would have said cool toys for boys but the girl child that I was would have enjoyed playing with this as well if only any of the adults thought it was an appropriate gift for a girl… Engino Models Engineering Sets These are great for budding, young scientists who enjoy working with their handsContinue reading “Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers”

Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz

Oh my, oh my! How fun it is to be a child in this generation. I stumbled across another range of interesting science kits by Science Wiz while browsing through Borders. Check them out… About Science Wiz The award winning ScienceWiz line started in 1995 when with the release of their first title ScienceWiz Electricity. This cool line ofContinue reading “Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz”

Science Resources: Science Kits by National Geographic

We’ve been on the lookout for science kits when I stumbled upon the National Geographic science kits by Thames & Kosmos: The kits are pretty comprehensive. For instance, the Earth Science: Crystals, Rocks and Minerals kit contains real specimens of granite, limestone, basal, marble, pumice, calcite, pyrite, quartz, hematite, bornite, fluorite, magnetite, and soapstone. It also provides the materialsContinue reading “Science Resources: Science Kits by National Geographic”

Science Resources: Ein-O’s Science Kits

Ein-O Science Box Kits are great little science kits to teach children about physics, human biology, and chemistry. They are compact, affordable and specific so you can focus on topics that your child is interested in. The kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and the experiments are simple enough for children to perform. The kits cover aContinue reading “Science Resources: Ein-O’s Science Kits”

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit Build Your Own Science Toy DIY

Build 6 different models: Solar Revolving Plane, Solar Windmill, Solar Plane, Solar Airboat, Solar Puppy, Solar Car Great assembling toy for kids to practice using their brains and learn the benefits of solar energy Building these projects teach kids the benefits of solar energy while having fun Also ideal for allowing kids to express theirContinue reading “6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit Build Your Own Science Toy DIY”

4M Kidz Labs Green Science Potato Clock

Digital Clock with wires, copper and zinc strips, transparent tapes and more! What! No Batteries? Be a scientist as you discover how to power this digital clock using potatoes. Experiment to find out what other substances will power the clock – you’ll be amazed! Caution: High Voltage Inspiration and Fun! Contains digital Clock with wires,Continue reading “4M Kidz Labs Green Science Potato Clock”

4M Kidz Labs Tornado Tube

Great Gizmos offer a very large range of inspirational, inspiring, creative, imaginative, fun and educational toys. The Tornado Tube is new this year to Great Gizmos. Educational and fun toy. Create your own water tornado inside a bottle with this tornado tube. It is a fun experiment that you would never get tired of watching.Continue reading “4M Kidz Labs Tornado Tube”

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