Review: myBrainLab and the BrainRx Program – Part 2

As promised, this is the final review of the BrainRx program from myBrainLab now that Aristotle has completed his 60 hours of brain training. If you missed it, you can read Part 1 here. Gibson Test of Brain Skills The comparison between the before and after cognitive skills tests was… surprising. According to myBrainLab, even though they expected toContinue reading “Review: myBrainLab and the BrainRx Program – Part 2”

Working Memory Trainer: Pizza Master App

This is an interesting app we stumbled upon that is a really fun way to train your brain – particularly your working memory which we know is one of the qualities that successful individuals possess. Pizza Master by Ma Chi Aim of the Game You are running a take-away pizza joint. Each day (equivalent to one level),Continue reading “Working Memory Trainer: Pizza Master App”

Encouraging Early Numeracy

We’ve touched on the importance of helping our children develop a strong foundation in Math in an earlier article, but here’s more about the benefits of teaching children math and starting early… Why is Math Important? 1. Young children have an innate intuition with math “A lot of children find symbolic arithmetic quite difficult and tedious” butContinue reading “Encouraging Early Numeracy”

Learning Languages: Little PIM

There are many benefits for children learning a second language and the consensus seems to be pretty clear – the younger your child starts, the easier it will be – especially if it is before they reach about the age of 7 years. This is because the brains of young children are primed for learning –Continue reading “Learning Languages: Little PIM”

Programs: Memory Magic

About Memory Magic Memory Magic is a collection of games using unique learning methods that are designed to help develop and strengthen the parts of the brain used for rapid memory and recall. By playing these games, your children can develop encyclopedic knowledge, 100 object sequential memory, rapid memory and recall, increased concentration, early word recognition,Continue reading “Programs: Memory Magic”

NeuroActive Program: Complete Brain Training

Revitalize your brain, your body and your life Expand and strengthen your memory Stimulate your brain and accelerate its processing speed Improve your ability to recognize the faces of the people you meet Revitalize your brain and 16 of its essential functions NeuroActive Brain Training Program is an electrifying gym with 22 brain gym exercisesContinue reading “NeuroActive Program: Complete Brain Training”

TweedleWink: About the Early Enrichment Program

Pamela Hickein and Wennie Sun (founders of Right Brain Kids and the TweedleWink enrichment centers) have a new video that talks about their early learning enrichment program. The purpose of TweedleWink is to help your child boost his/her intellectual AND creative potential by engaging in playful learning exercises in a loving atmosphere of joy and fun.Continue reading “TweedleWink: About the Early Enrichment Program”

More About Reading Kingdom

Join our giveaway to win a free subscription to Reading Kingdom worth $60! What Will My Child Learn With Reading Kingdom? Here’s an overview of the curriculum at Reading Kingdom… There are two skills surveys that will assess your child’s knowledge to determine where he or she should begin in the Reading Kingdom curriculum. SkillsContinue reading “More About Reading Kingdom”

Reading Programs: Reading Kingdom Review and Giveaway

This is a review and a giveaway (scroll down to the end to for details on how you can win a 3 month subscription to Reading Kingdom worth $60). Recently we were asked to trial an online reading program called Reading Kingdom. It is designed for children ages 4 to 10 years old so IContinue reading “Reading Programs: Reading Kingdom Review and Giveaway”

BrillKids Little Musician Program – Teach Your Child Music!

If you’ve always wanted to teach your child music but don’t know how, then Little Musician is just the software program for you. Created by BrillKids (from the award-winning Little Reader software program), you don’t need to have any music knowledge to use Little Musician and all it takes is 5 minutes of your child’sContinue reading “BrillKids Little Musician Program – Teach Your Child Music!”

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