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Managing Attention Deficits with Physical Activity

One afternoon, G2 was sitting down to do some Math homework. He seemed to be struggling with it, so I sat down with him to help him out. As we worked on it together, I also noticed he was yawning a lot and his eyes had a glazed over look to them. Realising the pointlessnessContinue reading “Managing Attention Deficits with Physical Activity”

Focus: Are You Paying Attention?

Dan Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, has a new (well, perhaps not so new) book on focus that caught my attention some time back. I was particularly interested because we have always been a tad concerned that G2 struggles with this… Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence Focus delves into the science of attention in allContinue reading “Focus: Are You Paying Attention?”

Battling the Mom Brain – Part 2

During pregnancy, they say that the brain shrinks a little and they attribute that as the reason why pregnant women are so forgetful. Supposedly, this is all meant to return to normal after the pregnancy (give or take a little bit of recovery time) – “should” and “normal” being the operative words. Except that it’s now sevenContinue reading “Battling the Mom Brain – Part 2”

Bright from the Start: Attention Builders for Babies

These are my notes from the book Bright from the Start by Jill Stamm. Jill Stamm states that there are three things a baby needs to be bright and happy: attention, bonding and communication.  For the science behind why, I highly recommend reading the book “Bright from the Start“. For parents like me, who feelContinue reading “Bright from the Start: Attention Builders for Babies”