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DIY Happy Pokemon Families Card Game

G2 has always been my distracted boy. He is the boy who would put the milk carton in the sink (still full of milk) instead of back in the fridge. With his head in the clouds and rarely on what he was doing, he is the child I worry about when I think about hisContinue reading “DIY Happy Pokemon Families Card Game”

Focus: Are You Paying Attention?

Dan Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, has a new (well, perhaps not so new) book on focus that caught my attention some time back. I was particularly interested because we have always been a tad concerned that G2 struggles with this… Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence Focus delves into the science of attention in allContinue reading “Focus: Are You Paying Attention?”

Brain Benefits of Playing Minion Rush?

Some time back, when I was researching study techniques to improve student learning, I came across Daphne Bavelier’s research on how video games can make our brains work better: They improve vision – I’ll bet that was a surprise They improve attention They increase speed of decision-making They increase retention of information They improve cognitiveContinue reading “Brain Benefits of Playing Minion Rush?”

Mindfulness Training Can Improve Working Memory, Reading Comprehension, and Task Focus

In a previous post, we learned about the benefits of meditation (in particular “mindfulness meditation”) for modifying alpha brain waves and improving learning and memory processes. Recently, I stumbled upon an article that talked about how mindfulness improves reading ability, working memory, and task-focus. The Study: Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity and GRE Performance While ReducingContinue reading “Mindfulness Training Can Improve Working Memory, Reading Comprehension, and Task Focus”

Rethinking Education – What Do Our Children Really Need to be Successful?

Academics is Not Enough “Study hard and get good grades so you can get a good job” – this was the mantra of our parents because it was the formula that worked in their world. But the world we live in is constantly changing – the world we grew up in is vastly different toContinue reading “Rethinking Education – What Do Our Children Really Need to be Successful?”

Qi Gong for Kids for Calming, Healing and Physical Benefits

Coincidentally, after reading about the practice of Qigong and reaching the alpha state, my FIL suggested that I look for Qigong classes to send Aristotle. He felt they would be good for helping Aristotle calm his mind and control his emotional state – which has been quite high-strung lately. Okay, my FIL didn’t use those wordsContinue reading “Qi Gong for Kids for Calming, Healing and Physical Benefits”

Activities to Help Children Improve their Focus and Self-Control

According to Ellen Galinsky in Mind in the Making, children need focus and self-control to help them achieve their goals. Unfortunately, focus and self-control isn’t something they naturally develop as they grow up, it is something they need to practice in order to get good at it.  The following are some activities recommended by GalinskyContinue reading “Activities to Help Children Improve their Focus and Self-Control”

Life Skills – Developing Focus with Daily Plans

In Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky talks about 7 essential life skills that children need to develop in order to be successful in life. The first skill is focus and self-control. Focus and self-control are important because a child needs to have focus and self-control to achieve his goals in life. Without them, thereContinue reading “Life Skills – Developing Focus with Daily Plans”