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Health and Medical: Why is My Child Getting Sick so Often?

Aristotle is sick… again. Last week it was Hercules. Two weeks before that Hercules. And before him Aristotle. It seems like a never-ending cycle of illnesses. We’ve collected so much medication from the doctor’s office that our refrigerator is about to explode. It probably doesn’t help that the air pollution is up again. Despite allContinue reading “Health and Medical: Why is My Child Getting Sick so Often?”

Childhood Illnesses: On Strep Throat and Vomiting

Gareth is sick… again – which is why I haven’t been blogging. I have spent the last few nights as a human pacifier and lovey. The moment I move away from him, he would wake up. During the daytime, we’re a pair of Siamese twins, and I get the privilege of watching marathon re-runs ofContinue reading “Childhood Illnesses: On Strep Throat and Vomiting”

Child Illnesses: On Bronchitis and Fever

Gareth is sick. He came down with a fever on Thursday and had a horrible barking cough during the night. I took him to see the doctor on Friday and her diagnosis was bronchitis. Now he’s on antibiotics, mucosil, zyrtec, probiotics, and paracetamol. Probiotics is to replace the good bacteria that is affected by theContinue reading “Child Illnesses: On Bronchitis and Fever”

The So-Called H1N1 Screening Test and Vaccine

Over the past week, Gavin’s school has been closed due to a report of H1N1 from one of the other parents.  Since Gavin had been sick recently, I immediately took him to the doctor to take the H1N1 test.  Well, it isn’t really an H1N1 test since all it does is confirm whether you haveContinue reading “The So-Called H1N1 Screening Test and Vaccine”

Mysterious Ailments from Toddler Male Parts

The thing about having sons is that eventually – invariably – you will come across those “boy” problems and you won’t know how to deal with it.  We’re not talking “boy” problems that the average teenage girl has.  We’re talking about problems involving those male parts that we don’t have.  I think it’s kind ofContinue reading “Mysterious Ailments from Toddler Male Parts”

Post-Delivery Bowel Function

One of my biggest fears immediately after delivery is going to the toilet.  Between the piles from hell and my stitches, I couldn’t bring myself to poop until the doctor gave me something to soften my stools.  Technically, if you aren’t constipated, you should be able to apply enough force to poop without tearing yourContinue reading “Post-Delivery Bowel Function”

2nd Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes

As I mentioned during my previous post, I had to take an oral glucose tolerance test to check if I might have gestational diabetes.  I have never really considered myself to be at risk of gestational diabetes simply because I don’t have many of the risk factors. Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes For instance, individualsContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes”

2nd Pregnancy: 6th Visit to the Doctor

Week: 31 Blood pressure: 110/70 Urine: clear Weight gain: 4kgs Baby’s weight: 2.2kgs Baby’s size: average 33 weeks Symptoms: Braxton Hick’s contractions, irregular bowel movements, piles, and back pain. It seems that with this second pregnancy, the doctor’s had highlight my eating habits at just about every appointment.  Though I teasingly blame my SIL, IContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 6th Visit to the Doctor”

Is Bonjela Safe to Use in Teething Children?

Bonjela has often been used in teething children to soothe irritated gums.  I’ve tried using it on Gavin several times – both when he was teething and when he had an ulcer.  He didn’t take very well to the gel and I think it had something to do with the aniseed flavour.  Indeed, the firstContinue reading “Is Bonjela Safe to Use in Teething Children?”