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Introducing the New Trinity Kids Club Junior Playschool

Coming to Brillkids Family this June 2015… Trinity Kids Club – the Junior Playschool Who is it for? Junior 1: children between 6 to 17 months parent accompanied 1 hour per session 1, 2 or 3 times weekly Junior 2: children between 18 to 30 months unaccompanied 2 hours per session 1, 2 or 3 times weeklyContinue reading “Introducing the New Trinity Kids Club Junior Playschool”

What do You Mean Kids are Addicted to Their iPads and Require Therapy???

I read this article recently: Toddlers become so addicted to iPads they require therapy. I confess that my initial reaction was alarm. Oh no! Are my children addicted to the iPad??! Will I have to fork out thousands of dollars to pay for their therapy because of my faulty parenting choices? Yeah. I panicked. IContinue reading “What do You Mean Kids are Addicted to Their iPads and Require Therapy???”

Toddler Apps: Zoo Train

Hercules has been nuts about alphabet trains lately and he stumbled on this one while we were searching for alphabet train songs on Youtube. There are actually quite a number of gems in there if you look around – one of Hercules’ favourites is Shawn the Train by Coilbook. KidsTV123 is another of our favourite channels.Continue reading “Toddler Apps: Zoo Train”

Travelling: Flying on an Aeroplane with an Active Child

Aristotle and I have flown on a plane a total of 9 times since he was born. Every single time, he’s been wonderful. He sits down and keeps busy with whatever he has in front of him. Other passengers comment on how pleasant it was to fly with him. Hercules and I have flown onContinue reading “Travelling: Flying on an Aeroplane with an Active Child”

Lamaze Play and Grow Mortimer the Moose Take Along Toy

Both cuddly and stimulating, with bright colors and sounds Cuddly body, chewy antlers and tail rings, legs and hooves make sounds Brightly covered hooves chime, squeak, rattle and crunch when baby grabs or shakes Attached Lamaze link makes this handy as take-along toy Newborn and older; 90-day limited warranty Mortimer the Moose will keep babyContinue reading “Lamaze Play and Grow Mortimer the Moose Take Along Toy”

Discipline: Understanding Behaviour Motivation from a Child’s Point of View

They say that every child is different; every child is unique in their own ways. Even two siblings can be like day and night. Aristotle and Hercules are two such siblings. So different in nature that you could be forgiven for thinking they weren’t brothers – if it weren’t for the fact that they bearContinue reading “Discipline: Understanding Behaviour Motivation from a Child’s Point of View”

Some Easy Screen-Free Activities for Toddlers

The plan was to make a better effort with the “Busy Box” so this is me trying to come up with more “simple” and “easy to make” activities (in keeping with my lazy Momness) to keep Gareth occupied without a screen. Most of these ideas were stolen and modifed from Carisa who is a humongousContinue reading “Some Easy Screen-Free Activities for Toddlers”

Activities and Games to Keep Little Hands and Minds Busy – Part 2

Finding activities to keep an older child busy isn’t really that hard. Young toddlers like Gareth, however, is a different story altogether… In a bid to help reduce his screen time, I have been desperately trying to find activities to engage Gareth. With the onset of the terrible twos, keeping Gareth away from the TVContinue reading “Activities and Games to Keep Little Hands and Minds Busy – Part 2”

Book Review: That's Not My…

There is a series of touchy-feely books by Usborne that I really like titled “That’s Not My…“.  They are terrific for introducing books to infants and toddlers once they’ve progressed beyond the cloth books and the basic single word board books. What’s so great about them? the books are bright and colourful to attract youngContinue reading “Book Review: That's Not My…”

Bright from the Start: Attention Builders for Babies

These are my notes from the book Bright from the Start by Jill Stamm. Jill Stamm states that there are three things a baby needs to be bright and happy: attention, bonding and communication.  For the science behind why, I highly recommend reading the book “Bright from the Start“. For parents like me, who feelContinue reading “Bright from the Start: Attention Builders for Babies”