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Activities and Games for Developing Executive Function

Executive Function helps children succeed academically and in life. It is a better predictor of success than IQ. So I’ve been thinking a little harder about ways to help the children improve these skills. There is an old proverb often mistakenly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but it goes like this: “Tell me and I forget. TeachContinue reading “Activities and Games for Developing Executive Function”

Executive Functions Help Children Succeed

Executive Functions help children succeed academically and in life. They may even be a better predictor of success than IQ. If you look at what predicts how well children will do later in school, more and more evidence is showing that executive functions — working memory and inhibition — actually predict success better than IQContinue reading “Executive Functions Help Children Succeed”

Focus: Are You Paying Attention?

Dan Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, has a new (well, perhaps not so new) book on focus that caught my attention some time back. I was particularly interested because we have always been a tad concerned that G2 struggles with this… Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence Focus delves into the science of attention in allContinue reading “Focus: Are You Paying Attention?”

Bilingualism Resists Distraction in a World of Distractions

We live in a world of distractions. Everyday in every way, something clamours for our attention. It’s no wonder we lose track of our thoughts and the things we are doing. So how can we train ourselves to better resist these distractions and stay on task? According to the neuroscientists, bilingualism may be the answer…Continue reading “Bilingualism Resists Distraction in a World of Distractions”

Brain Scans Show How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains

We know that learning music is good for the brain. Learning a musical instrument is even better. We’ve covered these points many times in previous articles: 18 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Play the Piano Why You Should Send Your Child for Music Lessons The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument Learning a Musical InstrumentContinue reading “Brain Scans Show How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains”

Tools of the Mind Preschool Curriculum

When we first heard about Tools of the Mind, the reports about the program for early childhood education were very positive and extremely encouraging. The concept of providing young children with mind tools that help them control their emotions and impulses made a lot of sense especially in an age that encourages the development ofContinue reading “Tools of the Mind Preschool Curriculum”

Rethinking Education – What Do Our Children Really Need to be Successful?

Academics is Not Enough “Study hard and get good grades so you can get a good job” – this was the mantra of our parents because it was the formula that worked in their world. But the world we live in is constantly changing – the world we grew up in is vastly different toContinue reading “Rethinking Education – What Do Our Children Really Need to be Successful?”

Activities to Develop Executive Functions

If you’ve read any of the following books, you’ll know how important executive function is for predicting a child’s future success in school and life: Nurture Shock Brain Rules for Baby Mind in the Making What are Executive Functions? If you haven’t read any of the above books, you might be wondering what are executiveContinue reading “Activities to Develop Executive Functions”