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New Children’s Book: Animals You’ll Learn to Love

About the Book “Animals You’ll Learn to Love” by author Benessa Harrison is a recently released children’s book that follows the lives of a recently adopted puppy named Bully and an adventure-seeking housecat named Thumbelina. These stories follow the animals’ relationships with their owners, detailing the special bond they have. Through her stories, Harrison sharesContinue reading “New Children’s Book: Animals You’ll Learn to Love”

Raising Lifelong Readers

There’s no doubt about it that kids who read are better off in so many ways. Reading: makes them smarter teaches them empathy helps them learn about their world around them exercises their brains improves their concentration enhances their vocabulary and language skills develops their imagination and stimulates their curiosity helps them do well inContinue reading “Raising Lifelong Readers”

Recommended Reading List to Encourage Reading

Accelerated Reader by Renaissance Learning is a reading program that offers comprehension and vocabulary quizzes related to a large collection of book titles so we can see how much our children actually understand from what they’re reading. Comprehension has been found to be particularly important because it is the key to reaping the benefits fromContinue reading “Recommended Reading List to Encourage Reading”

Teaching Stories: Learning Science and Math Through Stories

When G1 was little, it was all I could do to get him to read fiction because he was only interested in non-fiction books. Now that I’ve so successfully converted him to fiction, encouraging him to read the occasional non-fiction book is like making rocks bleed. Thankfully, a number of authors have found ways toContinue reading “Teaching Stories: Learning Science and Math Through Stories”

Reading List: On STEM, History and the Story of the World

It’s been a while since we added general knowledge books to the collection of books we have at home, so I’ve been looking into a few series to add to G1’s reading list that he might enjoy. The following books came highly recommended. The Story of Science In the three-book The Story of Science series,Continue reading “Reading List: On STEM, History and the Story of the World”

Children’s Books: G2’s Reading List

G2 is a very different child from G1. The kind of books he is willing to read are also very different. While G1 will read books that G2 enjoys; G2 rarely picks up the books that G1 likes to read. So when it comes to book recommendations, I have to look for a very specific setContinue reading “Children’s Books: G2’s Reading List”

Book Week Workshop by Malaysian Author Shamini Flint

Shamini Flint visited our school for Book Week. She was amazing and also delightfully witty. I regret that I had never heard of her before despite the wide success of her books. If you don’t know who she is either, Shamini Flint is a Malaysian writer. Yes, I’m claiming her for Malaysia even though sheContinue reading “Book Week Workshop by Malaysian Author Shamini Flint”