New Children’s Book: Animals You’ll Learn to Love

About the Book

“Animals You’ll Learn to Love” by author Benessa Harrison is a recently released children’s book that follows the lives of a recently adopted puppy named Bully and an adventure-seeking housecat named Thumbelina. These stories follow the animals’ relationships with their owners, detailing the special bond they have.

Through her stories, Harrison shares with her readers the special experience of owning a pet. We learn a little about the responsibilities of taking care of animals.

“I have a love for animals and a strong passion to motivate others. I wrote this book with a hope that people see this vision I have to promote to young readers.”

Benessa Harrison

In “Animals You’ll Learn to Love”, Harrison has included families of color which promotes representation and diversity in children’s literature. Through its lighthearted stories, this book aims to promote life lessons to young children and help them improve their vocabulary and reading skills along the way.

“Animals You’ll Learn to Love” by Benessa Harrison is available from Xlibris BookstoreAmazon and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

Benessa Harrison is an experienced writer and former childcare provider who channeled her love for animals into this educational book. Her first children’s book, she is excited to share it with today’s young readers. She is eager to discuss topics relating to children’s literacy and pet awareness with the public.

Published by Shen-Li

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