Children’s Books: G2’s Reading List

G2 is a very different child from G1. The kind of books he is willing to read are also very different. While G1 will read books that G2 enjoys; G2 rarely picks up┬áthe books that G1 likes to read. So when it comes to book recommendations, I have to look for a very specific setContinue reading “Children’s Books: G2’s Reading List”

G1 Recommends the Children’s Book Author – Michael Morpurgo

G1 is an avid reader. He devours books the way G2 woofs down a bowl of niku udon – without pausing to take a breath. Being a bit of a precocious reader, it has been hard to decide what books are appropriate for him to read – just because he can read the words doesn’tContinue reading “G1 Recommends the Children’s Book Author – Michael Morpurgo”

15 Top Toys for the Toy Box and Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

With Christmas around the corner and numerous displays of toys around, I’ve been pondering a lot about the toys we have bought for the boys and the sort of toys I would have bought if I could “do it all over again”. The thing about buying stuff as a first time parent is that youContinue reading “15 Top Toys for the Toy Box and Activities to Keep the Kids Busy”

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