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3M Science at Home for Distance Learning

More than one billion students have had their education disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All around the world, there have been forced closures of public and private schools and educators are scrambling to adapt to new forms of distance learning. To help schools, parents, and caregivers adjust to this new reality, 3M has launched Science at Home.Continue reading “3M Science at Home for Distance Learning”

MCO Online Fun with Petrosains!

Whether you’re a homebody or a social butterfly, no one is immune to the effects of cabin fever right now, least of all kids. As you count down the days till you’re able to roam free without the risk of catching Covid-19, here are some family-friendly activities to help you keep the little ones entertained,Continue reading “MCO Online Fun with Petrosains!”

Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Running out of ideas for remote learning and activities to keep the kids engaged and busy? Check out the Breakthrough Junior Challenge… Khan Academy and the Breakthrough Junior Challenge have the following video contest for your child to enter. What Does Your Child Have to do? Create a video that explains a challenging concept inContinue reading “Breakthrough Junior Challenge”

Work-From-Home Innovation Challenge

From the New York Academy of Sciences comes A Work-From-Home Innovation Challenge On the 18 March 2020, the New York Academy of Sciences launched a work-from-home student competition. Its goal is to help young people strengthen research and critical thinking skills by developing technologies to help address the current coronavirus outbreak.  Aimed at young peopleContinue reading “Work-From-Home Innovation Challenge”

Educational Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner again, so I’ve been doing some online window shopping for educational Christmas gift ideas. Of course, they also have to be cool gifts – as in, the kind of gifts I would love to receive myself. Here’s what I found… The Coding Educational Gift List Okay, I obsess a littleContinue reading “Educational Gift Ideas for Christmas”

Moonshot: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

On July 20th 2019, the world will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon mission. This was the moon landing that inspired an entire generation of innovators and explorers. It remains one of the highest achievements of mankind’s efforts and ingenuity. The technological advances needed for the Apollo program accelerated innovationsContinue reading “Moonshot: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing”

New Space Edu-ventures in KidZania

KidZania Kuala Lumpur has just launched its “Science & Space” variable school-holiday programme and it promises a plethora of fun, engaging, and educational activities. Specially designed to captivate inquisitive, young minds, these interactive activities and experiments are sure to broaden their interest and knowledge of science and space. To officiate the launch of Kidzania’s newestContinue reading “New Space Edu-ventures in KidZania”

Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake

It’s science week at school and G1 has entered the bake-off competition. After snagging a prize for his Book Week costume (only 20 people entered because participation in secondary is apparently quite low), he was inspired to try again for Science Week. Baking is not really his forte, but if participation for Science Week isContinue reading “Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake”