Melscience Chemistry Kits

It’s MCO and we’re stuck at home. We want the kids to learn something meaningful but we don’t want them to throw their hands up in despair with boring home learning sessions. Enter: Melscience Chemistry Kits!

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What is Melscience?

Melscience is a science subscription that delivers complete, educational, and fun science experiments to your door. With this subscription, you will receive a free VR headset and Starter Kit and you can elect to receive up to three experiments a month.

Each kit contains everything you will need for the experiment to work, except easily obtainable household items, e.g. milk, water, firelighter.


Designed for kids age 10 years and up, Melscience is an engaging and exciting way to learn about the theory and practice of science. Covering a wide range of topics, these experiments come with real-world explanations and are completely safe to do at home.

What Sort of Experiments Do They Contain?

Subscribe to Melscience and you will receive a kit every month containing 2-3 experiments. Each kit contains enough reagents to conduct each experiment twice.


These are some of the experiments we’ve received:

Science with Oddish

G1 created a few videos of his experiments as part of his “Science with Oddish” lessons. Here are a few photos and videos…


Melscience Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are available monthly or pre-paid in advance:

Prepaid plans are available for a limited time only.


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