Event: LEGO Super Mario Competition

For families living in Malaysia, here’s a fun LEGO competition to check out with your kids… The LEGO Group invites the public to show off their creativity and passion with the all new LEGO® Super Mario™ Championship The LEGO® Super Mario™ Championship will run until October 17th and winners will walk away with prizes upContinue reading “Event: LEGO Super Mario Competition”

Work-From-Home Innovation Challenge

From the New York Academy of Sciences comes A Work-From-Home Innovation Challenge On the 18 March 2020, the New York Academy of Sciences launched a work-from-home student competition. Its goal is to help young people strengthen research and critical thinking skills by developing technologies to help address the current coronavirus outbreak.  Aimed at young peopleContinue reading “Work-From-Home Innovation Challenge”

Being Competitive – Warriors vs Worriers

We have always examined competition from the point of view of how it can benefit a child’s development but we have never examined how individual children might respond to competition. We know that children are 50% what nature has given them and 50% what nurture has done for them. Even though there is not aContinue reading “Being Competitive – Warriors vs Worriers”

Competition – Why Kids Need to Play to Win

The performance-enhancing effects of competition and teams do not apply only at elite levels such as the Olympics or in physical match-ups. Competitions held in classrooms and lunch rooms across the country also push kids to do better. – KQED Some time back, I was at a children’s party. The adults were milling around halfContinue reading “Competition – Why Kids Need to Play to Win”

Book Depository Easter Egg Hunt!

The Book Depository is having an Easter egg hunt on their website from now until April 25th (competition closes 5pm GMT the Monday after Easter Sunday). All you have to do is go to their website and search for all the easter eggs. Once you think you’ve found them all, fill in your answer andContinue reading “Book Depository Easter Egg Hunt!”

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