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Melscience Chemistry Kits

It’s MCO and we’re stuck at home. We want the kids to learn something meaningful but we don’t want them to throw their hands up in despair with boring home learning sessions. Enter: Melscience Chemistry Kits! Click on the image to play the video: What is Melscience? Melscience is a science subscription that delivers complete,Continue reading “Melscience Chemistry Kits”

Apps: ChemCaper – Learning Chemistry Through Play

Earlier this year, we supported the Kickstarter project ChemCaper. The project was successful in receiving funding and we’ve finally had a chance to play the game. Here’s what we think about it… What is ChemCaper? ChemCaper is a chemistry role-playing game designed to connect education and mainstream gaming. It is built upon a foundation of chemistryContinue reading “Apps: ChemCaper – Learning Chemistry Through Play”