Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake

It’s science week at school and G1 has entered the bake-off competition. After snagging a prize for his Book Week costume (only 20 people entered because participation in secondary is apparently quite low), he was inspired to try again for Science Week. Baking is not really his forte, but if participation for Science Week isContinue reading “Science Week Bake-Off: Earth Globe Cake”

Science Week Activity: Design and Build a Ping Pong Launcher

It’s Science Week at school and the boys were given an optional science project to work on: make a ping pong launcher. Seizing the opportunity for a bit of father-son bonding, I handed the task over to Dad to guide the boys through their design process and construction of the launcher. Create a Ping Pong Launcher TheContinue reading “Science Week Activity: Design and Build a Ping Pong Launcher”

Science Week Dress-Up – Carbon Dioxide

It’s science week again and the boys need another costume. G1 decided he was going to be water again and dug up his old water molecule outfit. G2 initially wanted to be diamond but that would require us to get some of his friends into the action so we can do the diamond structure. In theContinue reading “Science Week Dress-Up – Carbon Dioxide”

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