New Children’s Book: Animals You’ll Learn to Love

About the Book “Animals You’ll Learn to Love” by author Benessa Harrison is a recently released children’s book that follows the lives of a recently adopted puppy named Bully and an adventure-seeking housecat named Thumbelina. These stories follow the animals’ relationships with their owners, detailing the special bond they have. Through her stories, Harrison sharesContinue reading “New Children’s Book: Animals You’ll Learn to Love”

Books: The Land of Stories

G1 has found a new series of books to recommend… The Land of Stories The Land of Stories was introduced to G1 by a friend from school. Since they both share similar reading interests, I was fairly certain he would also enjoy the books. G1 devoured the books within days and has pestered me to pre-orderContinue reading “Books: The Land of Stories”

Happy Reading – Our Book Recommendations

Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all. – Henry David Thoreau My two boys love their books. But there are some books that they love more than others. So we share them here… If your children have not read them yet, we hope they enjoy them asContinue reading “Happy Reading – Our Book Recommendations”

Disney Literature Classics Collection – Introducing Children to the Classics

When G1 was younger, I tried to follow the Charlotte Mason philosophy for selecting storybooks. It worked well with him because G1 naturally gravitated to books so I always felt it was the way to go until I had G2. With G2, I was just so happy for him to pick up a book thatContinue reading “Disney Literature Classics Collection – Introducing Children to the Classics”

Children’s Books: Geronimo Stilton

I was introduced to this series a couple of years back when I was looking for books for G1. I confess that I spurned the series because I felt it a literary inferior to my son’s reading capabilities. How would I know that in a couple of years I would be buying this series forContinue reading “Children’s Books: Geronimo Stilton”

Children’s Books: The Eleventh Hour

I wrote about Graeme Base some time back and I briefly mentioned his book “The Eleventh Hour” but I have not done it justice. After reading the story to G1 and G2 before bedtime one night, G1 was captivated enough to want to solve the puzzle the next day. We worked on a few ofContinue reading “Children’s Books: The Eleventh Hour”

Children’s Books: Hari Child Safety Awareness

My SIL recently bought the boys a lovely series of books on Child Safety Awareness by Tristan McGee. Given G2’s accident-prone nature, we thought this was a great series to help increase his awareness of safety issues. There are currently only four books available in the series: Oops Hari! Hari at the Park! Hari atContinue reading “Children’s Books: Hari Child Safety Awareness”

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