Recommended Reading List to Encourage Reading

Accelerated Reader by Renaissance Learning is a reading program that offers comprehension and vocabulary quizzes related to a large collection of book titles so we can see how much our children actually understand from what they’re reading. Comprehension has been found to be particularly important because it is the key to reaping the benefits fromContinue reading “Recommended Reading List to Encourage Reading”

Children’s Books: G2’s Reading List

G2 is a very different child from G1. The kind of books he is willing to read are also very different. While G1 will read books that G2 enjoys; G2 rarely picks up┬áthe books that G1 likes to read. So when it comes to book recommendations, I have to look for a very specific setContinue reading “Children’s Books: G2’s Reading List”

Recommended Reading List for G1

I’ve been trying to cultivate G1’s reading interest and get him to broaden his reading choices. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly well-read so my recommendations are limited to whatever I can find on Commonsense Media. I struggle to keep up with his reading so I can’t even pre-read books to check if the content is appropriateContinue reading “Recommended Reading List for G1”

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