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Workshop: Empowering Pregnancy @ KLGCC – 22 September 2013 is hosting another pregnancy workshop! Empowering Pregnancy Where? KLGCC, Bukit Kiara (See Maps) When? Sunday 22 Sept 2013 from 10.30am to 5pm. What? There will be a tea party cum forum for moms and partner. It will be a day jam-packed with information, demonstrations and fun activities! Expert Talks: Honey, the Baby’s Coming! (Preparing forContinue reading “Workshop: Empowering Pregnancy @ KLGCC – 22 September 2013”

Pregnancy Workshop: A Joyous Pregnancy by Pitter Patter – 30 June 2013

First time parents and couples planning for their first child may be interested to attend the following pregnancy workshop hosted by Pitter Patter: A Joyous Pregnancy! Date: 30 June 2013 (SUN) Time: 11.30am-5pm Venue: Hotel Premiere, Bukit Tinggi, Klang What’s Involved… A) Experts topics: Give Birth with Confidence by Consultant O & G Prenatal EducationContinue reading “Pregnancy Workshop: A Joyous Pregnancy by Pitter Patter – 30 June 2013”

The Link Between Morning Sickness and Smart Babies

For mothers who have ever wondered why they have been singularly selected to suffer the most dreadful morning sickness symptoms known to man during pregnancy, you will be relieved to hear that there is possibly a reason for this. According to Brain Rules for Baby, there is a study showing that the worse your morningContinue reading “The Link Between Morning Sickness and Smart Babies”

2nd Delivery – The Birth of Gareth

They say that every delivery is different. Indeed, there have been quite a number of differences with this delivery compared to the first one. Perhaps it is old age creeping up on me but I was certain that the bed felt more uncomfortable and the food tasted worse than it did the first time I wasContinue reading “2nd Delivery – The Birth of Gareth”

2nd Pregnancy: Preparing the Older Child

It is the night before I am due to go into the hospital.  What am I doing up when I should be resting?  Quite frankly, I can’t sleep.  Neither can I keep my mind on anything specific – hence the reason I haven’t been writing for Helium or updating the blog on the other chaptersContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: Preparing the Older Child”

2nd Pregnancy: Final Visit to the Doctor

I had my final visit to the doctor earlier today. Blood pressure: 110/70 Weight gain: 1kg (woo hoo!) Urine: trace of protein and sugar (dang!) Baby’s weight: anywhere between 3.5-4.2kgs Based on Dr Wong’s palpation, he estimates the baby’s size to be at least 3.5kgs.  The scan’s estimate was 4.2kgs.  On average, babies gain aboutContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: Final Visit to the Doctor”

Pregnancy and the Chicken Pox Vaccination

Recently we had a notice from Gavin’s school that one of the girls turned up with Chicken Pox.  They had not noticed the spots until the afternoon when they showered her (some of the children stay for the full day at school and get showered before their afternoon nap).  After calling her parents to takeContinue reading “Pregnancy and the Chicken Pox Vaccination”

2nd Pregnancy: 8th Visit to the Doctor

I had my eighth visit to Dr Wong on Friday.  Vital statistics were good: Blood pressure 110/70 Urine clear Weight gained was not so good – 3.5kgs since the last appointment.  Gosh I wonder how that happened? *eyes wide with innocence* Seriously though, I did think I was relatively well-behaved. Baby’s weight: 3.4kg Ironically, DrContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 8th Visit to the Doctor”

Chocolate Cure for Suppressing Coughs During Pregnancy

I’ve been down and out lately.  It appears the nasal congestion I have been experiencing lately isn’t due to my sinuses but a little bug that Gavin picked up from school and passed on to me.  It became evident when it spread to my throat. I’ve been surviving with the nasal congestion without having toContinue reading “Chocolate Cure for Suppressing Coughs During Pregnancy”