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2nd Pregnancy: Final Visit to the Doctor

I had my final visit to the doctor earlier today. Blood pressure: 110/70 Weight gain: 1kg (woo hoo!) Urine: trace of protein and sugar (dang!) Baby’s weight: anywhere between 3.5-4.2kgs Based on Dr Wong’s palpation, he estimates the baby’s size to be at least 3.5kgs.  The scan’s estimate was 4.2kgs.  On average, babies gain aboutContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: Final Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy: 8th Visit to the Doctor

I had my eighth visit to Dr Wong on Friday.  Vital statistics were good: Blood pressure 110/70 Urine clear Weight gained was not so good – 3.5kgs since the last appointment.  Gosh I wonder how that happened? *eyes wide with innocence* Seriously though, I did think I was relatively well-behaved. Baby’s weight: 3.4kg Ironically, DrContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 8th Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy: 7th Visit to the Doctor

As “D” day approaches, we’re now down to fortnightly appointments.  The good news is that the results of my fasting blood glucose tolerance test came through with flying colours.  Not only do I not have gestational diabetes, but my blood glucose levels are excellent.  Great!  Looks like I’ll still be able to taste test forContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 7th Visit to the Doctor”

Preschool Regressions – Round 2

They warned me it would happen.  Nevertheless, I was quite unprepared for it.  After enjoying several weeks of excellent compliance with regards to attending school, Gavin went into regression in the worst possible way.  Granted it happened after two weeks absence from school – one week due to school holidays and one week because heContinue reading “Preschool Regressions – Round 2”

2nd Pregnancy: 6th Visit to the Doctor

Week: 31 Blood pressure: 110/70 Urine: clear Weight gain: 4kgs Baby’s weight: 2.2kgs Baby’s size: average 33 weeks Symptoms: Braxton Hick’s contractions, irregular bowel movements, piles, and back pain. It seems that with this second pregnancy, the doctor’s had highlight my eating habits at just about every appointment.  Though I teasingly blame my SIL, IContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 6th Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy: 5th Visit to the Doctor

I had my fifth visit to the doctor yesterday: Blood pressure was fine and urine test came out clear. Weight gain: 3kgs. Apparently still within accepted limits, albeit a tad on the high side. Baby appears a tad on the large side (which I expected) but not excessively so as to be a cause forContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 5th Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy: 4th Visit to the Doctor

Well, that’s done confirmed it…  We saw the doctor again yesterday and there’s no mistake about it – we’re having a boy.  Even I couldn’t doubt the shape of what I was seeing – the scrotum and his penis.  Nevertheless, I had to ask the doctor again for any possibility of a mistake and hisContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 4th Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy Week 17

Symptoms and Developments I have felt movement…  Light tapping sensations that seem like my baby is stretching his limbs and colliding with the walls of the uterus. They say that with a second baby, mothers are often more sensitive to the movements of the baby and generally detect movements earlier.  Somehow this wasn’t so forContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 17”

2nd Pregnancy Week 15

If you’re wondering, like my SIL2 was, what happened to some of my earlier blog posts, well, they accidentally got deleted.  How did that happen?  Well, I can only assume that it must have been sheer idiocy that possessed me when I decided to revert to an old backup of this blog.  As a result,Continue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 15”