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From Cadbury with Love – a Sweet, Chocolate Experience

G2 is learning about chocolate at school as part of his enquiry unit. One of the projects he is working on involves the research and development of a fictitious chocolate treat. After conducting some market research, his team will have to design and promote their idea. Our school encourages parent engagement to support our children’s learning.Continue reading “From Cadbury with Love – a Sweet, Chocolate Experience”

The Chocolate Test

When G1 was little, I read about the success of the Marshmallow test for predicting future success. I decided to try it out on G1 but since he wasn’t familiar with marshmallows at the time, I swapped them out for Kit Kat instead and dubbed it the Kit Kat Test. The test was done onContinue reading “The Chocolate Test”

Chocolate Cure for Suppressing Coughs During Pregnancy

I’ve been down and out lately.  It appears the nasal congestion I have been experiencing lately isn’t due to my sinuses but a little bug that Gavin picked up from school and passed on to me.  It became evident when it spread to my throat. I’ve been surviving with the nasal congestion without having toContinue reading “Chocolate Cure for Suppressing Coughs During Pregnancy”