A Lesson on Toddlers and the Cough Reflex

Some time back, when Gavin was sick, he had a coughing bout while Daddy was taking him out of the shower.  Since the cough sounded very “phlegmy”, Daddy suggested he spit out the phlegm.  Although most of us would rather spit out the phlegm rather than swallow it, I’m sure any experienced parent would knowContinue reading “A Lesson on Toddlers and the Cough Reflex”

Chocolate Cure for Suppressing Coughs During Pregnancy

I’ve been down and out lately.  It appears the nasal congestion I have been experiencing lately isn’t due to my sinuses but a little bug that Gavin picked up from school and passed on to me.  It became evident when it spread to my throat. I’ve been surviving with the nasal congestion without having toContinue reading “Chocolate Cure for Suppressing Coughs During Pregnancy”

What Food and Drinks Aggravate Coughs?

These are just some of the food and drinks that are commonly believed to aggravate coughs. “Don’t eat oranges.” “Don’t eat grapes.” “In fact, don’t eat any citrus fruits.” “Can’t eat sugary foods.” “Don’t take dairy.” “Don’t take cold foods.” Since G1 developed his cough a couple of days ago, I’ve been bombarded with loadsContinue reading “What Food and Drinks Aggravate Coughs?”

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