2nd Pregnancy: 8th Visit to the Doctor

I had my eighth visit to Dr Wong on Friday.  Vital statistics were good:

  • Blood pressure 110/70
  • Urine clear
  • Weight gained was not so good – 3.5kgs since the last appointment.  Gosh I wonder how that happened? *eyes wide with innocence* Seriously though, I did think I was relatively well-behaved.
  • Baby’s weight: 3.4kg

Ironically, Dr Wong’s palpation of my stomach seemed to suggest that Gareth was not that large, although the scans estimated him to be larger.  If we follow the estimations based on Gavin’s pre and post birth weight, it would seem that the scans are also under-predicting because Gavin was estimated to be about 3.8kg, yet he was born 4kg. So based on Gareth’s estimated weight, Dr Wong suggested we should start the induction process in two weeks time – which should be about a week ahead of the predicted delivery time.

Personally, I wouldn’t have minded if Dr Wong recommended inducing as early as next week after a rather traumatic week of pain.  That said, the back pain and groin pain seems to have subsided somewhat over the weekend and I’m wondering if all my spring cleaning might have had something to do with aggravating it.  Additionally, it has been a rather quiet weekend for us – no going out, no shopping, basically no gallivanting of any sort.

On the flip side, the nipple pain from nursing seems to have escalated to a whole new level – just as my BFF warned.  Dang!  There I was counting my blessings that I didn’t have it quite as bad, but now even I get shirty with Gavin during our nursing sessions because it feels like he’s perpetually biting me.  My mantra has become – “two more weeks”…

Okay, I’m digressing…  It appears that the problems and risks associated with large babies aren’t only due to the increased likelihood of requiring a caesarean, but there is also increased risk of birth trauma.  I suppose that was a fact that goes without saying since babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes are also large and prone to increased birth trauma, jaundice, etc.  If those risks are related to a large baby, then it is only to be expected that the risks are the same for every large baby regardless of mother’s diabetic status or lack of.

So if all goes according to plan, I should be delivering Gareth sometime after November 20 instead of November 29.  That is, as long as Gareth doesn’t decide to come out earlier.  In the mean time, I’ll be busy packing my bags.  Wish me luck.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

15 thoughts on “2nd Pregnancy: 8th Visit to the Doctor

  1. Thank you both!

    Sophia – to be honest, the next couple of weeks can’t seem to move fast enough for me!

    Yes, Mamapumpkin… I am both looking forward to that time and also feeling a little trepidation as to how I will cope…


  2. shen-li,

    i’m so excited for u & ur family! whether it’ll be a natural birth or caesarean, you are in good hands! was dr wong’s patient & had a c section.

    can’t wait to read all about ur 2nd birthing experience & meet Gareth! Gavin will be such a great big brother!


  3. Thanks, Vivian. Yes, Gavin was delivered by Dr Wong, too – he’s an excellent doctor.

    I certainly hope Gavin takes to Gareth well. So far he’s showing a lot of promise but I’m not holding my breath. Having a baby brother in mind and having a baby brother in the flesh are two very different things. It is hard to say how Gavin will respond when Gareth is here 24hours a day, 7 days a week…


  4. try not to worry too much about how Gavin will react to Gareth…things will just fall into place…Gavin will surprise you with how mature & thoughtful he can be….Gavin will no doubt be fiercely protective of his little brother!


  5. yes, dr wong is so fantastic that i wish i could go back to kl if i decide to have another child! now that i’ve migrated to melbourne, i don’t know which o&g specialist is as good, if not better, as he!


  6. I really hope so… I’m trying not to expect anything. You know – hope for the best prepare for the worst? That way I’ll be prepared no matter how Gavin responds.

    Oh… when did you migrate to Melbourne? Whereabouts in Melbourne? I have family there, too. In fact, my parents are there. My cousins and friends all delivered there. I’m sure they should be able to recommend a good O&G.


  7. migrated a yr ago…my daughter’s paed, dr yong, was also very good with her that i was quite sad to leave – gave her 2 injections but she didn’t even cry! over here, i can’t really take my daughter to see a paed unless referred & think i have trust issues with the maternal health nurses/GP since i’ve always consulted a paed!

    very blessed as then the house prices were tumbling down & the first home buyers grant was increased, so we are now staying at doncaster east. heh..heh…what a small world this is….


  8. Oh, I’ve heard lots of good things about Dr Yong, too. Very good paediatrician. By that time I was already taking Gavin to see Dr Lam – also in Pantai who is also very good with babies. Now that Gavin’s pretty much passed all his immunisations and is mostly only plagued by minor bugs these days so we haven’t really needed to see a specialist.

    Yeah, the medical system in Australia is slightly different. I thought you can still go to a specialist but you cannot use your medical insurance, etc. unless you get a referral from a GP.

    My parents are in Balwyn North – not far from you. Indeed it is a very small world! Will ask my cousin about her O&G and pass on the name to you.


  9. My daugther was lucky to have been assigned to Dr Yong when she was born…did you know that Dr Yong is part of the medical advisory board for BabyCentre Malaysia website? He is fantastic with his time management!

    Even if I get a referral from a GP, I still cannot claim it against private health insurance unless there’s hospitalization/surgery involved. When babies are born, the paediatrician’s fees cannot be claimed from private health insurance as well unless the babies require extended hospital stay/medical treatment. Initially, I thought ob gyn visits could be claimed from private health insurance but it can only be claimed from Medicare. Sigh…

    Gosh, this is truly a small world! Heard lots of good things about Balwyn’s schools & I was hoping to live there but property prices there is too high! Oh Shen-Li, don’t trouble yourself with referring the O&G now, we can talk about this after you’ve settled & adjusted to Gareth. Nothing can be as important as that!


  10. That’s great. I find it is very hard to see specialists here. Always have to wait a very long time even if you have an appointment!

    Darn… yeah, healthcare is quite strict over there…

    Yes, Balwyn High is a good public school – at least back in the days when I was still in high school. I went there 🙂 I also went to Balwyn North Primary.

    My cousin’s O&G is Max Michael and he’s based at Cabrini hospital in Malvern. She says he’s older but very down to earth.

    Dayspa – Started showing as early as 3 months! Much faster than with the first pregnancy. I remember with the first pregnancy, my hips were wider but my tummy was still flat at 3 months.


  11. thanks for the details! hey, shouldn’t u be asleep by now reserving ur energy for the big D day? ;o)

    wow, those were ur schools? no wonder u turned out great! hope my daughter would be alright at either Beverly Hills Primary or Doncaster East Primary….


  12. Ironically, I feel tired, but I can’t sleep sometimes so I get up to use the computer for a bit to wear myself out a little more.

    Haha… thanks. I don’t know what Balwyn is like now, but I do hear they are much more strict about admission depending on where you live. If I had gone in now, I would have been forced to go to Kew High instead. Not very sure about the other schools since I wasn’t particularly interested about them when I was growing up, but I’m sure they are better than the ones over here…


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