2nd Pregnancy: Preparing the Older Child

It is the night before I am due to go into the hospital.  What am I doing up when I should be resting?  Quite frankly, I can’t sleep.  Neither can I keep my mind on anything specific – hence the reason I haven’t been writing for Helium or updating the blog on the other chaptersContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: Preparing the Older Child”

The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant

It looks like being a pregnant Mum the second time around has not made me immune to those silly pregnant fears about how the baby is doing… Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling fairly normal – there were no symptoms of that low grade nausea associated with pregnancy.  Gavin was nursing and my nipples weren’tContinue reading “The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant”

Random Musings from a Second Time Mum-to-be

It’s funny how my brain has gone into overdrive now that I know I am expecting number two… After the initial ecstasy that the discovery of being pregnant brings comes the fear and uncertainty of how I will cope with two children.  “You’ll manage,” I hear the words of encouragement from friends.  And I’m sureContinue reading “Random Musings from a Second Time Mum-to-be”

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