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2nd Pregnancy: 4th Visit to the Doctor

Well, that’s done confirmed it…  We saw the doctor again yesterday and there’s no mistake about it – we’re having a boy.  Even I couldn’t doubt the shape of what I was seeing – the scrotum and his penis.  Nevertheless, I had to ask the doctor again for any possibility of a mistake and hisContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: 4th Visit to the Doctor”

2nd Pregnancy – Week 18

Okay, nothing new here for me except some rather interesting developments from Gavin’s point of view… As I mentioned earlier, I was going to continue nursing Gavin through the pregnancy unless he decided weaned himself and I have been.  Well, I have continued nursing him and Gavin hasn’t shown any indication of wanting to wean. Continue reading “2nd Pregnancy – Week 18”

2nd Pregnancy Week 17

Symptoms and Developments I have felt movement…  Light tapping sensations that seem like my baby is stretching his limbs and colliding with the walls of the uterus. They say that with a second baby, mothers are often more sensitive to the movements of the baby and generally detect movements earlier.  Somehow this wasn’t so forContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 17”

We're Going to Have a …

We had our third visit to the doctor today.  Being only 16 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t really expecting to find out the sex of our baby.  Gavin, on the other hand, was ever eager to ask the doctor and had been busy practicing his lines all day, “Excuse me, doctor, am I going to haveContinue reading “We're Going to Have a …”

2nd Pregnancy Week 16

As far as symptoms go, I have to admit that this pregnancy has been treating me pretty kindly.  After escaping the first trimester, I was pretty much back to normal (aside from the fatigue).  That was until last night… I’ve forgotten how bad my sinuses can get during pregnancy.  Here’s another reason not to haveContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 16”

More on Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

I thought I would write a more thorough blog post on this topic because it seems more concerns about my nursing during pregnancy have cropped up.  Frankly, I’m quite amazed by the negativity towards breastfeeding I have experienced since I first decided I was going to breastfeed Gavin.  Even after all this time, there areContinue reading “More on Breastfeeding During Pregnancy”

2nd Pregnancy Week 13

Now that we’re into the second trimester, I can definitely feel an improvement in my symptoms – less nausea, and less fatigue.  Another thing I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks is a change in Gavin’s nursing pattern.  Although he still asks to nurse, I’ve notice the nursing time has decreased.  He also asksContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 13”

2nd Pregnancy: Second Visit to the Doctor

We were supposed to see the doctor last week but since he had a few emergencies and was running late, plus Gavin was down with a fever, we rescheduled it to this week.  Now that I am past the 12 week mark, I am officially in my second trimester meaning that I now have aContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: Second Visit to the Doctor”